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  1. I was in a MTT where we were one player away from the money....wtf.
  2. I also played event 15, and also only lasted two hours, but I only played because I won my way in through one of those Tilt bracelet race satellites. I would definitely try to satellite in before spending an amount out of your bankroll. These are tough tourney's to get through and your odds of sitting with a pro are not good. There were no pro's at my table, but David Williams sat to my left at the table next to me, and Erik Seidel was a couple tables away. My friend who was also in the event had the Eskimo at his table. Obviously it would have been nice to make the final table and play w
  3. I requested a check from Tilt this past week and got an email that day saying my request was being processed. Then I got an email two days later saying my withdrawl request had been approved and my check should arrive within ten business days. This was on the 12th so I obviously have not received my check yet, but things seem to be moving along as they should. I am keeping my fingers crossed.Edit: Got my check, a week later.
  4. I dont remember starting chips and levels, but I know that you dont get a ton of chips. But the higher the buy-in, the more chips you get if I remember correctly.As for what buy-in is the most common, it's always changing. Some times there is a big line waiting to play for $110 while other times everyone is waiting to play for $1,000. There are a ton of satellite tables and a ton of satellites constantly running. You will almost always find what you need.Good luck.
  5. And they are contsantly running, you can usually find a satellite to your liking. If you are looking for games besides NL, the night before and morning before the event is when they pick up. For example, if you want an Omaha hi/lo satellite, you will find more the night before the Omaha hi/lo event or the morning of the event.They are beatable satellites too, and a lot that I have played in at the WSOP ended up chopping with two or three people left. It's definitely possible to build up your tournament buy-in through these satellites.
  6. Just wondering everyone's thoughts on what to do in this situation I was recently in.Local live tournament, down to two tables with six left on each, top 4 get paid. Blinds are 800-1,600 and I have ~19,000 in chips and am in small blind with A3 suited. Big blind has ~6,500 in chips (including his posted BB). He hasn't been at my table for more than 10 minutes so I dont know much about him.It's folded around to me with my A3 suited, do I risk 1/3 of my stack and just push? Obviously he is desperate and could call with anything. The same thing happened the time before, although I had less c
  7. Thanks Sandwedge, and you are right on with your first and second points. I have been to the WSOP the past few years and it has always been a great experience even without playing any major events. Now that I won a seat and have time to play in one of the events, it has obviously gotten me really excited. I have already thought about how I need to not put too much pressure on myself and just go play and enjoy it. I really think that mindset will help me out. It helps to remember that it's only costing me $8...I try not to look at it as if I was spending $1,500.
  8. As you can see, I haven't made many posts but I read through these forums a lot and I appreciate any advice I can get.So, a few weeks ago I turned $8 into a $2k WSOP package on FullTilt and I plan on playing a $1,500 event (I know, slight brag post). After going to the WSOP the past few years for cash games and satellites I am finally going to play so I am obviously excited about that. I have had a lot of success in the SNG satellites at the WSOP but never enough time to play an event. I considered selling my chips due to my bankroll but in then end I really only spent $8 and it should be a
  9. Out. KQ loses to flush draw on Q high flop. Good luck...
  10. Nice work so far, GL. I am in this too, sn 3knish4...doubled up on third hand, flopped set on next hand only to lose to runner runner quads and now am just hovering back at 1500 chips.
  11. I was there in February and played one night of 1-2 NL at Caesar's...my table had a lot of action with loose aggressive types. It was definitely a beatable and profitable game, just not for me. I had to lay down AA, KK, and 99 just to manage only losing $200. For example, laid down my AA on a 456 board and the guy showed me 37 suited. A guy to my right won about $1,300 in less than 30 minutes to give you a better example of the type of game it was.Of course my friend was at the next table and it was a fairly solid and tight table so just request a table change if necessary.I also heard man
  12. While waiting for a tournament once in LA, I sat down to play in a $20 NL game (yes, it was only a $20 buy in - had never seen it before). Anyways, I flopped quad 3's a few hands in (board was 339) and the guy to my right flopped a boat with pocket 9s. I slow played my quads to take his $20 and the river came 9 and I won $6K from the bad beat jackpot. Still cant believe they paid it out to a $20 buy in game. Anyways, one guy at the table was in the bathroom and another new player decided not to post and wait for the big blind right before that hand. I definitely made sure I compensated bo
  13. Quick question on Full Tilt WSOP prize packages: Does anyone know how/where/when you get your prize yet this year? I read something else about the Full Tilt booth at the WSOP last year and am wondering if it's still the same this year? I sent Full Tilt an email but they have not responded yet and I can't find anything on their website. I apologize if this has been covered numerous times already, but appreciate any info that is provided.Start brag post - Yes, I won a $2,000 package last night starting with an $8 satellite and am excited to finally play an event after just playing cash games
  14. I sent an email too and they returned my tournament fee plus $20 extra with no explanation.
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