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  1. Send me an e-mail at tpabull@yahoo.com with the times and amounts you normally play for and I'll try to set something up.Dave
  2. A buddy of mine and I are looking for some people to play in a home game on a somewhat regular basis in the New Tampa area (not far off of I-75). If you're interested let me know and we can try to set something up.I'd be down for a Florida FCP tournament. Sounds like it could be a good time.Did you see the news that effective November 10th, poker tournaments at pari-mutuels (like Derby Lane in St. Pete) has been suspended? What kinda crap is that?
  3. I can't stand that shrieking "Wooo Pah-Tee Poka". Most annoying commercials ever.
  4. Top 10 Leaderboard:Online Poker Tour Forum (204 registrations)PokerCartel.com (171)Poker Analysis Forum (106)Poker Pots Poker - PPPL (72)ESPN Poker Club (37)Poker 101a.com (23)Free Poker League (23)Poker Source Online (21)Pokerworld-Home (21)AJPoker.com (15)Are gobears and I the only one's registered for FCP? C'mon people...
  5. Yes, I know the RVP software sucks ass, but this challenge has been a lot of fun for FCP members. I think FCP has officially been deemed the most obnoxious bunch of poker players...gotta love it.It's a freeroll that brings a lot of poker forums together to compete for:1 - A prize pool of $5,0002 - The top 3 poker forums get to have a $500 freeroll of their own 3 - A $50 bounty on the three winning forum hosts' heads of Poker Forum Challenge IV.Date and Time: Friday, December 2nd at 8:00pm ESTRegister: http://www.pokerforumchallenge.comWinning Forums of Poker Forum Challenge IV:1st Place - P
  6. FYI: Georgia has a bye next week. The UGA-Tennessee game is October 8th...not next weekend.
  7. Nevermind...apparently Yahoo closes the league 30 minutes before draft time.If you're interested in joining a league, PM me. My buddy has 3 more leagues (yes, I said 3 more).
  8. I know this has nothing to do w/ poker, but I wanted to put this in here because it's the most visible spot.Anyways, my buddy has a fantasy league on Yahoo and we only have 4 of the 10 needed managers for the starting draft time of 2pm EST.If you're interested, go to the following link:http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1League ID: 199059Password: beer
  9. Negreanu Open on Wednesday nights at PS
  10. stfuNothing quite like a good pre-pubescent zing.
  11. Finished in 37th place. 2½ hours of playing for $7.50.
  12. What does this thread possibly have to do with poker? In the future, post these in the Off Topic forum, not General Poker.
  13. That would be teneight (now teneight108).
  14. I was thinking more along the lines of age in maturity. Either way...no.
  15. ...from reading Daniel's posts.
  16. Dropped like a sack of potatoes.Went from chip leader to out in 22nd place w/ some bad plays and bad beats. GWCGWC finished off my A10 w/ his A9 after the flop came K9K.
  17. I thought the same thing, which is why I'm going to start playing in these starting September 1st.
  18. $0.99 footlong hot dog at just about every corner.
  19. If we want to talk about semantics then it's only 1 flush split 3 ways, not 3 flushes. If it were 3 flushes, each person would have a diamond with the highest one getting the $$.
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