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  1. 2 words: Johnny Cochran...BIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
  2. overrated...i keep second guessing myself: ...see what i mean
  3. Wow. Good luck waking up tomorrow morning.
  4. Remember...I created him people.YOUR WELCOME.
  5. uuuuhhh..yeah i should be #1 on the listi invented the people who invented the internet
  6. God

    Ok, Who Is Hotter?

    yeah, i made Vanessa to be hotter...sorry guysbut thats the final word~GOD~
  7. God

    The Hideout

    I agree....it is my nectar that you drink.
  8. What in MY holy name were you thinking?
  9. God

    Easter Bunny

    stop making these joke accounts, or so help me....me
  10. stop making new threads, you're pissing me off
  11. I took her just because she kinda pissed me off...oops.
  12. I taught Him everything He knows.
  13. Actually, my son is The Truth.
  14. HAppy Gilmore"in my huble opinion, in the nuclear world, the true enemy is war itself."
  15. tehre are too many, you'd be helping me out...please feel free
  16. God

    The Hideout

    WASSUP? taking confessions, for 20 more minutes...
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