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  1. Title and description pretty much say it all.I'm entertaining a VIP in Toronto next weekend who is also vegan. I'd like to take her to an amazing restaurant and price is no barrier.Any insight anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated!
    Jesus Christ! Why the fuck do you think I blessed you with beef you stupid shit!?
  2. So I've looked around the forum a little and I think a place like this to post hands and get feedback can be a really valuable asset... I've been playing poker for probably 10 years, but just recently online... I deposited $50 on FTP about two months ago and have had some really good results in the 45-man $10 sngs. Ive been running really well as shown by my stats on SS:Games played: 158Av. Profit: $10Av. Stake: $9Av. ROI: 95%Total Profit: $$1,524I'm wondering what kind of a sample size I need to be sure I can beat this game regularly so I can move up... Any insight is greatly appreciated...PIAB
    im God..and I approve this message
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