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  1. Jesus Christ! Why the fuck do you think I blessed you with beef you stupid shit!?
  2. God

    The Hideout

    Godammit so do I! You're welcome!
  3. i kill all bunnies whenever i see them....i regret ever creating those fuckers!
  4. God

    Things You Hate

    Atheists!thos fucking goddamn assholes!
  5. So people still think this is all just about chocolate!GG Jesus, you had a few good years.
  6. does My name look like "evolution?"yeah...case closed
  7. God

    How High Is She?

    Listen, i am like a gun manufacturer...i make them how they come out......how people modify them after that is not my responsibility.
  8. I declare this a righteoud thread! siiigh, i knew i shouldnt have drank so much the night i thought you up
  9. God

    Happy Easter!

    How about that son of mine!? I'm good, no?
  10. God


    chrozzo is God
  11. i created donutsso how can they be bad?
  12. Dear Hang,Who am I?-Me
  13. dont worry...i will wipe the slate cleanedit: well, that didnt work....wheres my God Damned technical support when i need it!
  14. God

    The Hideout

    IT WAS MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!(i created that body....pretty good eh?)
  15. God

    The Hideout

    and NO MORE joke accounts, or I will donkeythunderlightingpunch you all
  16. God

    The Hideout

    i can make things more intersting if you want
  17. God

    The Hideout

    you bitches talking about ME?!!?
  18. im God..and I approve this message
  19. God

    The Hideout

    HEY! Watch your GOD DAMNED mouth!
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