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  1. I would just like to pot out this post took me about 20 minutes to type cvorrectly.
  2. blah lbha; b;alj type ing dying fast happy new yearse
  3. Poker is another reason to believe that I am one of the cursed people of this world... \
  4. -not play like a ****wit-Don't go on tilt like the irish temper powder keg I am -Actually experience the positive side of variance for once...
  5. [] Poker After Dark was interesting/good over a year agoThis show kept my attention for like 2 months...
  6. I "acquire" free PSP games, and I have played the WSOP one on my murderous commute to work on the train... I've played Stacked on PC, and if Stacked is identical on the PSP, I'd say go with that. I just finished messing around with WSOP and wasn't a big fan. The AI in that game just doesn't make sense (not that it would ever compare to real play, but I've seen better), only the aggression level is more apparent with the "name" players. Whereas on Stacked, I found the AI to be a bit more intelligent than that, not always playing total trash and calling off the whole stack with 92o Bottom line,
  7. Yea, best idea ever... would be a fine way to bleed off the stress, maybe drop some poundage, and save my keyboard/desk from another beating.Funny thing actually, today I was out at the mall looking around in a sporting goods store, and my wife actually told me to seriously consider getting one to blow off steam when I get pissed off I told her to put it on my wish list Here's hoping
  8. Good god, this is my worst area of my poker game, let alone personality...thanks to my fine Irish temper... After nasty ass beats I've;1) Screamed bloody murder (when the wife was at work of course), picked up my keyboard, and teed off on my desk 4-5 times, scattering the keys everywhere. I still use the keyboard, and found all the keys. 2) After a 2 outer on the bubble of a big tourney that sent me out, I made a loud Hulk like noise (nice description by above poster lol), threw my mouse, smashed my keyboard a few times, then actually tore the shirt right off my chest. I still have the shirt (
  9. Yep, def have been around for some time, and for real money. I signed up with them around when I first started playing, which is probably close to a year and a half ago. Porbably true that they just moved to a different network, but always had rel money poker around..
  10. Happened to me last night actually... I was grinding (well trying to..) a .50/1 NLHE for an hour or so before hitting the sack (yea I know, an hour isn't a grind, but I don't have that much time after I get home from work ) and I had gone through a few consecutive bad beats, but that's for another forum. Anyways, litterally right before I was going to log, I got a decent hand. Raised it up, bla blah blah long story short I hit a full house, stacking another player who hit a smaller boat, putting me up significantly for the night. Now I was in a position, as I HATE people going south on me. But
  11. Loved that episode by the way... "LIVE...TO...WIN!"
  12. I know, it's just that those badbeats are the majority of the time I go," WTF WAS HE THINKING!?!?! LFT!!!11one1" and then proceed to tee off on the corner of my desk with my keyboard, magically scattering the majority of my keys across the room, and finishing with a backhand to the computer chair sending it skidding into the wall. Then my wife yells at me to, "STFU or stop playing that damn game" to which *I* reply... Wait...I forget my original point...
  13. Hehe, I can totally relate to this thread. I dont think we have enough room here for the amount of HH's I have from the last 3 weeks that i've gotten my money in as a 75%+ fav and lost in these $4.40's. *sigh*Ill grab and post some once I get home from work, then maybe the healing can begin...
  14. I LOL'd pretty hard there, nh
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