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  1. I think what the numbers really say is he passes too much and should shoot more often, not just when he is looking at a gaping cage...70 games into the season with 80 or so shots...thats just a little better than a shot a game...but who really cares, its the fakebeliefs
  2. maybe kilger should shoot more...da ya think!If i shoot 3 times all year and score once that gives me 33.3% should i be on the leafs 1st line...well actually it couldnt hurt them...i mean its not like things could get much worse.
  3. So just a week ago you told me that the sens had 4 games left against the rusty blades...and how i should be worried! Well answer this...were 2 for 2 since the prediction and the sabres have lost 4 straight...So great swamy what is going to happen in the next 2 games, when most of our team is back from injury...Heres my prediction...Ottawa outscores the hurd 13 to 3 in those 2 games!
  4. I wonder where the guy with the sabres logo is?He warned b4 last weekend's game against the sabres that Ottawa had 4 losses comming...
  5. one down 3 to go...the news is good so far
  6. this is great video highlights from jan 21...http://www2.ottawasenators.com/frontEndCom...=529&speed=300k
  7. wow sounds like something worth a look...just a question...do the boys in the hideout use a secret handshake?
  8. Just to clear things up...some of you believe this was a business proposal?Last i checked this is a forum and I indeed posted a topic in it...You might want to try Businessproposals4thelame.comNow lets speak to this post of mine...quite successful...the whinners and general pains in the glutus maximus may continue with thier snievelling but obviously it is a subject that has generated interest and that is what a forum is for...
  9. Ok b4 you all get carried away im not some slouch trying to make a name for himself by trying to knock out a champ and make a name for myself...nor am i one of the many bimbos, who i am sure want to have his baby!I want Daniel to buy the Ottawa Renegades football team...I believe there is a goldmine in the gades...Maybe a partnership with Jeff Hunt who owns the Ottawa 67's...he has made a big success with that team and it would be a natural fit...Get in touch with me Daniel if you are interested in such a challenge...Id personally be interested in being involved, whether that happens and in wh
  10. Personally i like theoretical physics and many of the newest ideas such as hyperdimentional math and string theoryAs far as God...yes the sum of all good...exists...parts in every one of us...the battle of good and evil is waged in every mans heart...in god is where the souls of those who fought for goodness gather for eternity
  11. Corruption has made many things a sham and to various degrees all religions have become a sham...but the original truth that all religions speak of are what they areThe truth your grandmother speaks when she looks at you and wonders if you are to be one of those left behind...her concern of what those times will be likethese things are not corrupt
  12. wow the fish really bite here...id love to play live with some of you peons...lol complain about my post but bite bite bite...oh by the way are the ladies that respond look as good as thier pics or do they just have you guys fooled?ps...im just having fun with you guys...nice to know there are still people who can read more than a table
  13. what a way for poker loving singles to meet...dont you think?
  14. I am a married man...happy to be...have a great wife...so i dont care how much money you pros make the answer is no...please for the love of god stop trying to seduce me with cash
  15. im always being told its my turn to act...is this a sign...or am i that guy at the table im always looking for
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