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  1. good timing, i'm heading to work soon where i won't have a comp. preemptive thanks to vb for doing all the work for the upgrade.
  2. I certainly am not a "hockey elite," but I put more blame on Rafalski for not really defending the pass. But, it should have never come to that. We were pretty bad in period 3; if we had kept the intensity from period 1 and parts of 2, this is a 2-1 series.
  3. more justin abdelkader, less jason williams plz. kid is gonna be good.
  4. now that i moved to cleveland, i don't get fsn detroit, and usually have to listen to the radio. I'm pretty happy about not hearing mickey redmond anymore. larry murphy is 1000x better.
  5. peaking at the right time. howard has been great and the offense has been producing well. my only concern is the amount of giveaways, but hopefully we can correct that. i think we match up well with vancouver and phoenix, less so with chicago, so it will be interesting to see who we'll play in the 1st round.
  6. hell of a game by both teams. gg canada, congrats.
  7. yeah, certainly looked close. that one wasn't close though, 3-0!
  8. boom, parise scores to make it 2-0. kind of a dumb penalty by finland to give the US the power play.
  9. congrats DDiDM, big ten 2-0 in bcs this year!
  10. I love Miller's hustle. Think he could be a nice third liner, and I love how he plays. He's getting second line time which was with Hank, but we'll see where he plays now. Definitely getting better, think he'll prolly max as a 50 point per year guy. Big surprise to me at least, given his last stint in Detroit. I still don't think he fits well in the system but I'll take him for sure now with all the injuries and the fact he's hot.
  11. 6 straight over that team up north, wow. As someone who grew up in the Cooper Era, never thought we could run a streak like this.
  12. TY sir. Iowa played really well, esp the QB. Now let's get a win next week, get healthy, and beat whoever we play in the Rose Bowl!
  13. pretty big test for the buckeyes today as they face 5-0 Wisconsin. I really think we match up well against the Badgers, mostly because they rely a lot on their running game, and our run D has been great pretty much all year. Their secondary is not that great, so hopefully TP (who has been looking better throwing the ball since going mostly shotgun,) will be able to exploit them there.
  14. sigh. At least Helm is supposed to be back next week, plus it will give Abdelkader a chance on the big team more than likely.
  15. plz keep this pace up mr. neal, as I may have over paid for you in FCHL2.
  16. bump for the start of the new season. anxious to see how leino will do with val on the third line...
  17. Yesterday, it seemed like we were running a lot of read option type stuff, which really plays into the strength of TP and the offense. The nice thing is that we can be really effective throwing out of that formation once we get the running game going.
  18. Really happy with yesterday's performance. TP didn't have to be great, esp since it was pouring for most of the game. OL looked great, which is a good sign since it's been one of the weaknesses of this team over the last few years. Defense as always looked spectacular.I really think OSU is the favorite in the B10. Iowa has a great D, but their O is not that good. Penn State was over-rated going into last night's game, and I think we def. have a shot to go into Happy Valley and win. TSUN is def. improved, but when they actually play a team that plays D (sorry, IU and ND don't count,) we'll see
  19. hm, must be because you're in Australia because this is backwards. Pepsi>Coke>Pepsi Max (admittedly, I've only had it once.)
  20. this year's D has a chance to be as good as 2002's D. the fact that our D in the last couple of years hasn't shown up is irrelevant; i was talking about this year. Re: your USC point; yes, they aren't the same as other years. but they are still one of the most talented teams in the country.
  21. let me say one thing; next year, if our offense can score 21 pts a game, we will have a great chance to win the NC. the defense is fantastic.
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