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  1. Not long to go now. For what it is worth, no one on the planet would succeed with this challenge using this strategy.
  2. Congrats Daniel, but now I know why you only need 5 buyins per level in this challenge! :https://www.pokertableratings.com/replayer/...hash=3933560540I wish I could do that when I get KK v AA !
  3. So he lost 3.3 million today; about 2.1 million to Patrik Antonius, and 1.2 million to Phil Ivey! He is basically acting as a conduit shifting money from Tom Dwan to PA and PI. He can't have much of his early November profits left.
  4. This is Isildur1 : Next question?
  5. A big clue today on twitter via Doyle that the new host is Kara Scott :Doyle Brunson: @KaraOTR Hey Kara, is it true you are the new co-host on HSP? If so they made an exellent choice.Kara Scott: @TexDolly Ahhhhh, thats really lovely of you to say Doyle!I can't find any official confirmation yet but this seems pretty good!
  6. So Daniel tweeted today that he was playing again (10c25c NL) and that he was "..starting with 19.25 lol" http://twitter.com/RealKidPoker/statuses/5158212194Does this mean that he has been on a downswing?? Yet there is no indication of this on the opening page of this thread.
  7. FYI, not everyone is in the same timezone: in Australia it was 22nd March.And I apologize for the blog spam. I tried to post pictures here but struggled with the size of the jpg's. It was the only way I could think to show you the captures I took. I have nothing to gain from people going to my little blog...basically I could care less. If this was bad etiquette and you want me to remove the link let me know.
  8. Wow...there was just incredible action at Fulltilt just now. Unfortunately as I write this it has just finished I think. But I have saved some screenshots at my blog: http://blindtilt.com/?p=349
  9. Re "Wake Up Mommy!": Simply put, this is the most powerful blog entry you have ever made. It made me cry and I deal with this on a regular basis (I am a physician). My thoughts are with her and with you. I am sure that the doctors did the right thing to give her a chance.
  10. Personally I think this is the whole key to winning at microstakes. Maximizing value from your big hands: trap the aggressive players, bet more than you usually would against calling stations because many microstakes players call very light as in this example from my blog: http://blindtilt.com/?p=271For the same reason (they call light) rarely bluff on the river. It is frustrating to put a pot size bluff on the river and they call with bottom pair.
  11. His rule is he never goes down. He never buys in for more than 20% of his bankroll.Re running like God.. 5 buyins in 250 hands = 100 BB/100 hands! Yes, I would say that that is running like God.........BUT such a small sample.I still say that Daniel will run into that bad swing and lose his bankroll well before he is near his goal.
  12. I agree that this is a big issue.....something tells me that when Daniel is a bit higher, e.g 10/25cNL or 25/50cNL there might be a new rule introduced to address this.
  13. From the new blog "$0.02-$0.05 Here I come!":- 'if you can't beat that game you have a lot to learn!' Absolutely true!- 'attempted probably three bluffs, one a semi-bluff with a pair, straight and flush draw, but outside of that it was just playing a decent number of hands and looking to get paid off.' This is probably the most important thing that I have learnt. At these levels you just don't need to bluff. Putting a pot size bet on the river with air is usually -ev because people call you with anything.-'If I double my bankroll in a session I'll quit on my blind to help avoid risking too hi
  14. I don't understand why limiting hand number would achieve anything???? DN doesn't play more than 100 hands because he is only playing at one table. What you experienced is the bad side of variance, which happens to everyone, and is the exact reason why you won't succeed with only 5 buy-ins. You are so far off...20 buy-ins is the absolute minimum number of buy-ins you should have at 10c25c NL, but I recommend at least 30. I use 35. I guess you guys just have to learn the hard way!
  15. Looking forward to seeing you at 10c/25c NL or 25c/50c NL sometime in the future Daniel. Despite my other posts on this topic, I am hoping you succeed....it will only prove you are a God.http://blindtilt.com/
  16. LOL....so now that you have had a win at 25NL, with $51 you should move to.....ummmm........well 1c/2c NL!! Even at 2c/5c you only have 10 buyins. The variance Gods will get you at some stage with only 10 buy-ins. Just had a look at my stats for 2008...the biggest downswing I had was 14 buyins, and I also had another seperate downswing of 13 buyins. This year...so far so good with only a 2 buyin downswing.
  17. Firstly, congrats on your outstanding win-rate over 28,000 hands. This is of course unsustainable, even at these levels. Impress me when you have played 100,000 hands at 10/25c NL or 25c/50c NL.When I get a spare moment I will redo my maths but I am willing to concede that I may have miscalculated. But your result just reinforces my point...that a lot of hands will need to be played to achieve the target.So far in 2 weeks, Daniel has played 668 hands (updated today so probably accurate). If you are correct, it will take him 11 years to achieve the target!!!!!!! Pick it up Daniel.... at least
  18. Interesting discussion about an important topic (ie bankroll management). I agree with holdemIT. Using the 'ensure you only buyin for 1/5th your bankroll' strategy only gives you 8 times to buy-in if you start at $10. This strategy also means that you will often be buying into a table short. There are many short-stackers at the microlimits almost all who play very badly and it is easy to take advantage of them. Nevertheless, if you know what you are doing, undoubtedly it can be very profitable to play short-stacked (e.g buying in with 30-60 big blinds). The online poker tuition sites (certai
  19. When I had a spare moment today I made a quick calculation to work out how many hands it would take to get to $100,000 starting from $10 using Daniel's rules.The answer? If he won at an average of 5bb/100 hands, it would take just over 90,000 hands. If he won at an average of 10BB/100 hands, obviously it would take half that number. For a multi-tabler, 90,000 hands is nothing, but for a single tabler (can anyone confirm that DN is just playing one table?... I can't imagine he plays more than 2 anyway) that is a lot of hands. This of course ignores his main obstacle that I have mentioned before
  20. Good luck Daniel but I don't see how you could possibly be successful (I have blogged about it here: http://blindtilt.com/?p=238).I guess I am trying to do the same thing, but I started with $50 at 2/5NL and currently my bankroll is $1,229 with a $50 bonus due around the corner. You can follow my progress here: http://blindtilt.com/ .My current moving up rule is that I must have 35 buy-ins at the higher level! I am playing 10c/25NL 6max atm. My bankroll got up to $1,500 in December and I moved up to 25c/50c NL (30 buy-ins) where I immediately got hammered losing 7 buy-ins in less than 2,000 ha
  21. Congratulations to John Juanda. And also congratulations to Daniel.... surely Las Vegas plus London combined, the WSOP Player of the Year!
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