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  1. Special Guest This Tuesday on "IT'S...TIME" - Daniel NegreanuListen NOW LIVE ON THE AIR - www.sherdog.com/beatdown.phpThis Tuesday on a special edition of "IT'S...TIME with Bruce Buffer" we bring you special guest Daniel Negreanu, fresh off his 2nd place finish at the WSOPE and is now the all time cash finisher. So get your poker questions ready for "Kid Poker"
  2. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/HealthS...how/3480629.cmsFound this interesting. J/K Kidpoker. But not really.Thought this might be good for your blog.
  3. Got stacked twice at 10/20 and lost about 6 $100 SNG's. Only placed 3rd once. Every gut shot straight draw hit on me, and i never won with a set or flush. Gonna wait a day and give it another go.Funny thing was i was not giving odds to draw and yet they still drew. I understand that level much better now, they definitely try and get cute with their draws. I won a lot of small ball pots but lost every big pot.That's the update. Thanks for the support.
  4. I've been playing the low levels up to the 1/2 for two years. I'M SICK OF IT.I can't take it anymore. It's just not exciting. I think i'm done for the night. But tomorrow i'm gonna have a go at least at the 10/20.Thanks for all the support guys.
  5. Now in the money in my 2nd $100 SNG. I like the higher level better for sure. I think i play better.
  6. Yeah, i expected that runner runner. Just got to get over the hump. I'm going in another now.
  7. There's no way for me to know if my play can hold unless i give it a shot. I'm gonna play some Hundo SNG's tonight and see if i'm feeling just as pumped tomorrow. For those that gave a solid opinion THANK YOU. I will certainly post any/all results if significant one way or the other.
  8. I'm with you Fox, i'm not scurred to lose a couple of buy in's if that's how it goes. Just try it again later. But if my style holds up, or my hands hold up and i can take down some pots and have some fun, it's like FINALLY this is what it's like to win in poker. I'm just so done with the low limits. Over all i think i'm a winning player. I'm just itching to go for it.
  9. Why does everyone always think you're gonna just get AUTO FELTED?
  10. So i take it you guys haven't tried to do it.
  11. Grinding/Playing at those low levels for so long is boring now.Not much support from you guys. If i score i'll let you know. Playing a hundo SNG now at FT.
  12. Anyone here ever just load up their account more then usual and go for a big game run?I usually play .50/1 cash or 1/2. But i got some dough and i want to just jump in a 10/20 or 25/50.Have any of you ever just jumped stakes like that? If so, what was your experience.I am nervous, but I think i'd play a little better with the added pressure. I just can't get excited at the low levels any more.Like maybe instead of $10 SNG's play a bunch of $100 SNG'S. Stuff like that.
  13. Played a with a player named "MothersMilk" at Doyles Room. Thought that was an interesting name.One of my accounts is StreetZebra
  14. That was great to read. Horrible scenario, but it raises some great issues that should be dealt with or considered in any similarcircumstance.
  15. Thanks for this. This has been really fun to watch.Some bad plays and good plays from online's best.
  16. I'm a member and find it has improved my game quite a bit. I highly recommend it.BC
  17. Please provide the definition of this term.
  18. I've been a member of CardRunners for about 4months and i love it. It has added to my game considerably.What i've learnedTEXTURE(although i already had the concept of texture CardRunners truly opened my eyes to the texture of a board. K72, or Q53 vs 79Q or K89When to C bet and when NOT to C bet. Who to C bet and who NOT to C bet depending on the texture of the board.)POSITION(Their consistency on position and pounding it in your head has not only helped my online game but my live game as well. There are many semi strong hands i will no longer play in early or middle position that i used to
  19. Looks like it's still down. Can't get in.
  20. All i know is that was ONE HELLUVAH Jamaican Accent DN's got. This cat must have seriously hung with REAL Jamaicans. He didn't slip up once. That ish was PRO all the way.
  21. I know i'd play the tourney.NO GUTS NO GLORY!
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