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  1. what hands, specifically, should i add in? without any reads, what 9x hands should we assume this guy is calling a raise with preflop, and then calling on the flop with? Anyway, even adding A9-89 to his range, we still have ~42% equity, and we only need ~40%.
  2. Board: QhTh8dJh Hand Pot equity Wins Ties--------------------------------------------------------------------TsTc 50.83% 3,185 205AA-88,AK-AJ,KQ-KJ,QJ-QT,*h*h 49.17% 3,078 205edit: wow that doesn't look at all how it did when i previewed it, go here.edit2: also, i'm obviously being quite generous saying he could have any 2 hearts here, even so, this is an easy call.
  3. Try posting it in the right forum next time. Also, if you're going to post in the wrong forum, at least post in one with a lot of traffic (i.e. not one that has had only 4 posts since you made your post 4 hours ago.
  4. I'm not saying that Devorzon's observation was smart, just that it wasn't racist.
  5. He said "Phil Ivey is overrated because he's black." Who's doing the overrating here? Not him, obviously. Clearly he must be referring to some other entity. Like the media, for example. So what he's saying, to summarize, when he says "Phil Ivey is overrated because he's black," is that other people portray Ivey as being better than he is because he's black. That would make them the racists, not Devorzon.
  6. Vanessa is a 2+2er: i didn't think someone was likely to make a squeeze play on me just unprovoked. once the weak button called (which he almost never did with anything marginal, even on the button.. but he ALWAYS folded to a reraise) i expected a squeeze VERY often. of course, if button folds, i instamuck to a reraise. howeveer, once button called, i thought kevin would reraise a very large range of cards, and i was thinking about what i would do with a squeeze. i counted my chips and thought about it, and decided that i had just enough to push him off TT or lower, maybe JJ, and AQ
  7. Next time, just don't use punctuation at all. That way, you just look incompetent, instead of completely retarded.
  8. It isn't easily beatable--or even beatable at all--in the long run, if it's done correctly. The problem with it is that it does not maximize value against worse players.
  9. No.Giving up EV by putting yourself in a position to get outplayed by an obviously better player is "flat out stupid."
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