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  1. I do - Sheffroid - er, prolly shouldn't admit that. Not quite a profitable player...oh well.
  2. Alright, I am about to walk out my door and hop a flight to Vegas. What should I do/see while there? What are some good poker games/rooms to go to? Just fire the ideas, I'll have my laptop so I will check when I get there, thanks guys!
  3. Thats true - I was just going by my read of the how the table had played prior to the FT. I'm pretty sure I C/F if the opp was very much deeper.Again - HE is not my "a" game - oh well, happy for the outcome for me.
  4. He calls any raise there with that - sadly- they have been re-raising to EP click raises - so I was hoping for that.Made 2 KOs.Finished 7th for 9 bux, plus 1 dollar in KOs, yay!TY for the railing!
  5. oops - prolly too active early in FT - still in 1st with 8 left.
  6. My first deep in a tourney - just got my first KO with 12 left. Name is sheffroid.I won't lie, PLO and O8 are my games, but I got bored and wanted to try this for a change.2/12!
  7. Sheffroid (grand rapids) - I'll win it all!I should be able to do 1 am - if not i'll ship back
  8. Can you use Poker Tracker on TH? How?Also, do the points gain you anything on TexasHoldEm?My hand histories don't save all the time on Full Tilt?*Nice First Hand*Full Tilt Poker Game #6398608984: Table Twin Lakes - $0.50/$1 - Pot Limit Omaha H/L - 10:10:04 ET - 2008/05/13Seat 1: miami jeff ($124.90)Seat 2: Unfair ($99.05)Seat 3: Dustydawg ($56.95)Seat 4: sheffroid ($50)Seat 5: z20ranger ($107.75)Seat 6: CntryBoy ($102.85)Seat 7: Lidocain ($84.80)Seat 8: udomyex ($82)Seat 9: japjap1966 ($104.55)Dustydawg has 5 seconds left to actDustydawg is sitting outDustydawg has timed outsheffroid posts th
  9. You have to imagine that the breaks happened right at the end ... if you saw it go down, there is no way it was racing with it ...
  10. I'll be there July 31 - August 6 - at New York, New York
  11. DN's day is done ... sigh. GG
  12. TY - I'm actually shipping back - lol, i just got a call off to work, someone called in - sigh, thanks though...I'll ship back for ya....
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