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  1. pokertracker forums are extremely helpful, you could have solved your problem in less time then making this thread. They have step by step instruction on how to set up almost everything. If you can't figure something out, search, someone has had your problem first and theres almost always a topic already on it.
  2. if you decide to go with mac do not upgrade your ram with apple. I wanted 4 gigs of ram in my mac but it would have been like 800 dollars to upgrade it through apple. I instead ordered 4 gigs off of crucial.com for 120 bucks. Hard drives i guess are also easy to upgrade yourself but I haven't done that.
  3. i'll be there, getting in at 2 p.m friday. Def. down for an FCP meetup. I'm probably not playing the ME unless i somehow get a seat in the 500+400 sat firday night. My buddy is playing day 1b though.
  4. @#$#@#!@#@ AKo vs AKo aipf for 190k (hoping to split) of course he 4 flushes
  5. can't datamine stars, i have heard of someone that could do it (against their TOS) and he sold the HH's but not sure if he does it. You could subscribe to his service and he would send you HH he datamined for your level of play. Can't remember how to find out if they still have this availiable but im sure you could find it if you rlly look.
  6. 5 10 game is a joke, esp on weekends. Most low-mid stakes games are very very fishy at foxwoods.
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