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  1. I don't post much so you probably haven't seen mine.<-------------------
  2. Report from PartyPoker.com support staff:Real Money games status:We have scheduled maintenance, real game servers will be unavailable between 10:00 & 13:00 ET. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  3. I love that guy with A K calling 2 bets on the flop (twice) thinking "If I hit an A or K, this pots mine!"
  4. Rab,Here's the answers to your questions: Highlight column F&G and change the font color to green. You already changed the currency format to show negative numbers as red, so any positive number will be now be green paste the following formula into cell F2 then fill down: =IF(D2>0, E2-D2, " ")explanation: if cell D2 has a number greater than 0 (D2>0) then the cell F2 will add the numbers (E2-D2), if not it will enter a blank (" ")paste the following formula into cell G3 then fill down:=IF(F3=" ", " ", G2+F3)explanation: if cell F3 blank (F3=" ") then the cell G3 will be blank (" ")
  5. You can get if off the poker bay.http://www.thepokerbay.org/details.php?id=236
  6. Me too. I just sat down, posted my blind, then bam. Internet delays.It's my first loosing session in a week. Variance is a B*tch. (sw)
  7. Thats what I remember and yes I have friends. They think Contra is totally radical too!From WikipediaThe Konami Code (also known as the Konami Command and the Contra Code) is a cheat code that can be used in many Konami video games, usually enabling some sort of secret option. The code was first used in the 1986 release of Gradius for the Nintendo Entertainment System. During the game, the player presses the following sequence of buttons on the game controller:This is the original version of the code, designed for the NES controller. In common usage, many players will include Start at the end
  8. Macho Man can't even spell poker !
  9. We play canadian hold'em with additional hands like 4 card straights and flushes.JK.....FMP That took me forever to write. I knew i'd ***k up something.
  10. Home Game Tourney 7 hands inHand #8 Blinds 25/50Mezzo is UTG+1 w/ A A Pre Flop 1 fold , Mezzo raises to 150 , 6 folds , SB re-raises to 250, BB calls, Mezzo re-raises to 600, SB re-raises to 1000, BB calls, Mezzo re-raises to 1800 (All-in), SB calls for 1800, BB calls for 1700(All in)Flop/Turn/River 10 9 A / 4 / 8 Mezzo shows AA for trip A'sSB shows KK for pair of K'sBB shows Q J suited for Q high straightHand #9 Blinds 25/50Mezzo is UTG w/ K K Pre Flop Mezzo raises to 200 (All in), UTG+1 reraises to 500, 8 folds Flop/Turn/River A 2 9 J 6 Mezzo shows KK for pair of K'sUT
  11. Wow, my brain is on overload I know you said you didn't want to start too many threads, but it would be better for everyone if you did. Besides, its only 10. (see kent2233's 16 threads) You will get more replies that way and we can discuss each hand without getting our messages crossed.
  12. I'm raising that flop.With 2 spades and a straight possibility out there, I want to charge draws the max. Plus you may get weak A's and K's to fold.
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