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  1. zach said the same thing as jordan, just shorter :Pjordan's the man. coach me in HU?
  2. rofl QFTroyal tour has made a complete idiot of himself ITT. seriously, he and naismith are the only players on FCP that are +EV in live games though! yeah, the guy who's made like $500 in 3 weeks. not any of us, you know, professionals or anything. ive never met a such a slight winner with such a huge ego.edit: ignore this post, nicoson's was better / less angry than mine.
  3. yeah im betting the turn, and not very small. probably 60-70
  4. what's your plan for the turn if it gets checked through? bet? and what if he raises? folding there is pretty weak, so in the end all you did differently was give weaker hands a chance to outdraw you or get scared and not pay you off. i dont think villain will bluff that often with hands he wont call or raise the flop with, especially if he realizes that a tricky LAG player's check means strength almost as often as it does weakness. in fact, id expect villain to be more likely to think we're weak if we keep pounding away. betting puts him in a position where he can make a mistake with a hand w
  5. No. No one ever said he always has JJ/QQ. it's just a very reasonable part of his range. Hero is LAG, and Villain could be putting Hero on a squeeze from the straddle, so there are many hands that villain can be playing here... such asQQ/JJ/TT/99/88/AK/AQ/AJ/AT/other low pairs/an occasional suited connector.With that range, checking the flop is very, very bad. A lot of those hands, he'll never put more money in until he has a pair of kings beaten. therefore, we don't want to allow him to draw cheaply with those. Other hands in that range that might pay us, are most likely to pay us on the flop
  6. royal, your posts are getting worse and worse.do you think its a coincidence that everyone else here thinks a check is terrible? you said yourself that suited connectors are in his range --- with 2 hearts and a couple connected cards on the flop, a check is bad.and also, you're saying that villain will NOT bet pot with us beat. why do you think that? and why will he ALWAYS bet the flop if we check? he wont. you're wrong. if he has two hearts, he'll probably check behind, which is a disaster for us. if he has an ace, seeing the turn for free is a disaster. if he has a lower pair than us, the tu
  7. (post about villain having 33 and stacking hero) No. NO. results do NOT matter. most of the time people post hands they lost and you know this, stop trying to validate your terrible advice based on the results. saying youre right and everyone else is wrong is something id expect from someone who has no idea what a "range" is and has never read a poker strategy forum before.
  8. this post makes absolutely no sense. So you're check/raising when he bets, which pot commits you. How is this any better than just betting out? You're acting like checking will allow you to fold when you're beat, and it wont. Wrong --- he's a "solid" player, which means he is observant of those around him and plays accordingly. if Hero's image is LAGish, then villain won't just automuck QQ to a flop c-bet here. So there's a LOT of good news other than just collecting the pot on the flop. If the flop checks through, that's a disaster. Villain's range is fairly wide, and almost any turn card can
  9. do you know what a 3bet is? straddle was 10, dude raised to $25, hero 3-bet to $125.Also, the only hand we should be reasonably scared of is TT. Villain won't normally play AA like this. 22 and 33 are pretty low to raise/call for >%10 of stacks. If you're seriously saying that checking KK on a T23 with two hearts board is better than betting, im going to be very surprised. Hero's image is a bit loosey goosey. i don't know why you're saying a bet would automatically force villain to fold QQ and JJ and stay in only with AA/TT. AQh and AKh and other flush draws are more likely holdings than TT
  10. lol i 3bet/checkflop with this hand like neveri woulda made it like 150 preflop. and bet like 300 after flop. checking here is just bad
  11. no neck, what games do you play and where? i think i ran into you earlier this weekedit: just checked your blog, nevermind. i dont think it was u
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