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  1. What I think is funny: watch a NL player/loser with a few chips left sit down at a Limit table and try to be aggressive/bully. Some NL players think Limit players are weak, scared, and easy to intimidate. It's almost like some NL players feel that playing Limit is below them.The fun begins when they lose all of their remaining chips to a Limit player who knows the difference...knows that NL and Limit are two different games. I hate arrogance at any table, but especially the arrogance of a young online NL player who plays Limit live for the first time and acts like a bully. Arrogance and aggres
  2. Good thing JR's in trouble...he deserves whatever he gets. But I must agree that some of the blame has to be shared.1. Don't act out of turn.2. Wait until chips have been moved.3. If screwed, move on. Learn from the situation and next time don't get so excited, wait until it's your action, size up the situation, make sure the all-in is backed up by action and not just words, then make your decision. Yea, verbal commitments are binding...but not always immediately enforceable.4. Keep things in perspective...this is one incident out of thousands. Don't let this one situation ruin a lifetime of f
  3. My vote is for Sammy Farha....with Gus H as VP. Daniel could be First Lady.
  4. Does the baby like golf or poker? Looks like she's reading "Poker for Dummies." Maybe Daniel could take her to high stakes cash games and use her as a card protector.
  5. Let's see..on a scale of 1-10? Probably a 4.5...Phil H. was annoying as usual...only this time he's trying too hard to build his tired image of being a brat. His act is getting old. I predict his fame is going the way of the 8-track tape. He's quickly becoming old news.The Mouth was boring, too. But he can't always be a jerk. The guy who was the biggest idiot was the one who quoted The Mouth by saying something like "this game ain't for kiddies..." after winning a hand. He was trying to look tough, mean, important, cool, etc. What a donkey...The WSOP Hype machine is getting out of control. Ste
  6. How about a chapter on old women who are rich but don't have a clue on how to play live low limit games in a casino without sucking out on the river and totally ruining a good hand by someone who knows how to fold to a reraise. You could call it "***** Bites" or "Old Farts and Showdowns."As you can tell, I'm on tilt from a session this morning.Good luck with your book....but I'll have to wait until it hits the Half Price Book Store.
  7. Millions, schmillions. He knows he'll win it back. It's not real money. It's keeping score. His bankroll is investment capital. He's fully capitalized and has access to all he will ever need. He's got enough of a history of playing the big game to trust his swings, his ups and downs. I doubt Andy Beal, the real Andy Beal, doesn't sweat his bankroll. He's got all he will ever need. Nice position to be in if you can arrange it. Part of the pressure in the big game is "who has the biggest bankroll." Andy played headsup with the Corporation, and put the pressure on them by using his unlimited bank
  8. Hey, Andy, I need a loan to reload my bankroll. How about $25,000. That ought to be enough. That's just one chip from your next headsup match.
  9. How about a WSOP Freeroll? I could afford that if Daniel let me stay with him for the night.
  10. Today's Haiku.Dan gambles in golfLike a Tiger wannabe;Only less talent.
  11. I'm tired of liberals trying to badmouth bushes. I like bushes; they are among the best trees God created. Why can't we all just get along?Most liberals just don't get it: bushes are good for the environment. They provide shade for the needy flowers in my garden. They protect my garden from the heat of the sun. They are there to protect my plants from weapons of mass pesticides that may infiltrate my garden through my neighbor's leaf blower.I chose my bush. I like it's roots. Why can't political hacks go play in someone else's yard? I just want to play cards, discuss poker-related issues, and
  12. Yada yada yada....when will this thread end? Here is my suggestion for Razor and others who are so passionate about government:1. GET ELECTED! Run for public office and raise money like everyone else you're so passionately bad-mouthing. Politicians may be corrupt, but at least they have taken the time and effort to actually get votes and run for office.2. GET A WEB SITE! Stop using poker sites to talk politics. Get your own damn web site and forum. Geez...this is ridiculous.3. GET A LIFE! You obviously have way too much time on your hands.
  13. Ok, first we need a name for this new poker-like game. Team poker is really not poker if collusion is a part of it...so, what can we call it?Second. Since cheating and collusion are a part of the strategy, what are the rules? For example, can I use hand signals? How about my Blackberry? Can we trade notes during a hand? How about no shuffling allowed? Third, we need a suggested format. Are there any limits to how many team members can sit at any one table? How are the teams organized and assigned tables? Etc. Etc. Possible names for this new poker-derivative:"Collusionasta""Cheatadonkey""Frenc
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