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  1. I heard he is actually pretty good but, is it me, or does that picture looked photo shopped?
  2. Nice blog Daniel. Thank you for sharing. I sat back to back with Chip in a WSOP event a few years back. It was a big tourney and we had a tight section, throught the day I must have bumped his seat like 10 times. He couldn't have been nicer about it, telling me not to worry about it everytime and even cracking jokes. That's the only interaction I ever had with him but you can just tell he was nothing but stand up guy. RIP Chip...
  3. Very sad... a true class act. RIP Chip...
  4. Ahhhhhh 2/5 at the Rio during the WSOP.... how are the juicest games ever treating you? Is it still the smallest game they have there... I hope so..... sooooo many donkeys!
  5. Good Luck Mak!!! Does anyone know if Fiddler is still playing??? I haven't seen him at Foxwoods in a while...
  6. Good Luck Everyone!!! I will be leaving for Vegas on June 10, playing 3/4 events, I can't freaking wait!!! Actually... I can't wait to play 2/5 at the Rio... the fishiest game in the world!!! Let's see some results from FCP, maybe a bracelet of two, and make Daniel proud!!!
  7. Good Afternoon All, Just sitting here at work and checking out the blog and a question popped in my head. What do you think Daniel's chances of winning another bracelet this year is. He started out the on a tear but recently he admitted he has not been playing much and is not playing very well when he does. Just for the record I am not knocking him... I would love to see him win one or two, or three for that matter, but how prepared do you think he will be. I think the pros chances have increased dramatically with the decrease of online qualifers (actually not just satellite winners but pe
  8. Me neither... I had the last two days off and spend them at Foxwoods and I didn't want to leave!!
  9. The online translator's translates back to... Why are you so loosen?
  10. How do you say... Why are you so slow... in Spanish?
  11. Pulled this off a Hendon Mob forum... I couldn't agree more.For anyone who likes to read about proposition bets then check out Amarillo Slim's 'In a World Full of Fat Poeple'.IMO if the above is true then Ivey has lost out in the long term here though I don't think it's up to him to be honest about how much he's improved. Once you make a bad bet you just have to pay up and put it down to experience. The responsibility is on you to make sure you have the necessary information before you put up your money. IMO not paying up is worse than deceiving opponents about your true playing ability. In th
  12. NEVERMIND! I just read the last thread... ok I am dumb.
  13. I apologize if I am asking a question already asked but what situation is Daniel talking about in the last entry, it's obvious that Ram Vaswani is one person involved but who else? Does anyone have any links regarding this?Thanks in advance. AJ
  14. I agree with most people here... Wynn's 2/5 game is tough and it is an uncapped buy in which makes it a very interesting game. I found the Belaggio to be a good game, not great. Like people said before there are a lot of rocks in the 2/5 games in the bigger casinos. Find a smaller room with a full 2/5 table and you should be alright. The Rio and Excaliber were really good games from what I can remember. Hope this helps...
  15. I second that... I see Raj a lot playing at Foxwoods... always smiling! I would love to see a local win this thing... LET'S GO RAJ!!!
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