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  1. 10,515 at the first break of the Cake 100k
  2. 8,575 at the first break of the Million
  3. Now officially out of the Brawl
  4. Just about busto in the Brawl. QQ<KK for almost my entire stack.
  5. Playing a somewhat small schedule for a SundayPStars-3rMillionFTP-Brawl750kCake-100kPretty sure Ill ship at least one of these
  6. Only playing the 3r today. I am way too tired to play late into the night, so skipping the Million and the 750k
  7. Busto Million. 88<AK for almost all my chips, was in on the next hand. GLGL skully
  8. Out of the Cake. Set of 2's no match for the four flushITM in the Million
  9. TytyCake-100k - 25,079 at the third break
  10. In the money in the Cake 100k
  11. Stars-1.5M - 30,281 at the third break
  12. Cake100k - 14,140 at the second break
  13. Out of the 150 seat guarantee. AQ<AK
  14. Stars-1.5M - 19,400 at the second break of the Million
  15. Out of the MSOP for a min cash. Played one hand TERRIBLY
  16. Cake-100k - 4,995 at the first break
  17. Just won my first table of the MSOP
  18. Stars-1.5M - 12,200 at the first break
  19. For a commanding chip lead at my table in the MSOP eventFull Tilt Poker Game #12950945259: MSOP Event #41 (95474045), Table 54 - 80/160 - No Limit Hold'em - 17:10:00 ET - 2009/06/21Seat 2: charder30fanobv (4,365)Seat 3: Ziplocked (3,690)Seat 4: 8fivesuited (6,545)Seat 8: Pack149 (12,400)charder30fanobv posts the small blind of 80Ziplocked posts the big blind of 160The button is in seat #8*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Pack149 [Jc Js]8fivesuited foldsPack149 raises to 400charder30fanobv raises to 4,365, and is all inZiplocked has 15 seconds left to actZiplocked foldsPack149 calls 3,965charder30fano
  20. Tilt-Brawl - bustoTurbo 100k - bustoMSOP 41 - 12,800 at the second break150 Seat Guarantee
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