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  1. yo juggo or anyone else, do u remember playing a lebonese kid that looked like he was 16 yrs old on friday or sat night. he was prob wearing a polo hat and was prob mad drunk, if u do remeber please say summin
  2. hmm grinder can u give me any more info??and oh yah, while ur worrying about what ivey is wearing, he is emptying ur entire bankroll
  3. are u bein serious, or are u just f'in with me like every other person so far???
  4. by any chance do any of u guys who play at foxwoods remember seeing a Lebonesse kid who looks like he was 16 but his ID said he was like 22, he was playing at the 1$/2$ no limit table and he his a straight flush with j10, i think he was wearing a polo hat too, it was either friday or saturday night/if u guys remember him can u please say something, cuz we have a little bet going.
  5. i made up a birthdate but everything else is legit, u think a check will work?
  6. i created an account at a poker site and being underage i didnt use a credit card, rather i had a friend transfer me some money. now i have largely increased my money and want to cash some of it out. seeing how it is a big amount of money none of my friends want a large portion of it so i was wondering how i could be able to actually cash out this money.any one know, thank you.
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