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  1. I really like your "signature" lord strife
  2. First of all, Michigan is better than florida. (not a michigan fan im actually more of a florida fan)2nd. Tim Tebow is my hero but hes not even the best freshman on the team.3rd. Percy Harvin is going to be better than Reggie Bush4th. Tebow and Harvin is the scariest combination of QB and RB EVER!
  3. Stoupes22

    Um Vs Osu

    just curious what you all think..
  4. I havent been invited to a game in about 8 months and my friends father is super rich, and i was telling him that i wanted to turn pro later on sometime in my life. He told me that he could get me into a game that he regularly plays in. 5/10 pot limit holdem. My questions are. How much should i buy in for? (there is no min or max) and how much should i bring with me? i was thinking around 300 but im not sure. Also, i was kind of curious to the big differences in no limit and pot limit besides the obvious all-in at any time. Should i bet differently than i would in a no limit game? Thanks for
  5. Please ive been a tigers fan since 1985..when i was born.. glad to finally see them at the WS. mike ilitch is a genious he just needs to buy the lions and everything will be OK
  7. ur dumb if you cannot see the logic in there.. the first time u watch it you do not catch little things that make it funny. It goes with almost ALL Will Ferrell movies. Old school, elf, talledaga nights.. all of them. Napoleon Dynamite gets funnier and funnier everytime you see it because of the little bullshit in it..Worst movie of all time.. Miami Vice. The entire movie is them talkin about what they are going to do to later on in the movie. " we are going to sell the drugs at this place" "No we are going to sell it at this place instead" Only one good part of the movie is the ONLY action s
  8. I am the same way, except i talk to people when i get bored and understand them
  9. actually he called out Low cards before he saw dutch boyds cards, even before he turned is over. I just watched it
  10. i guess i will be one of the only serious ones....These are not in order.1. Stu Ungar2. Chip Reese3. Johnny Chan4. Phil Ivey5. (Tourney Pick) Phil Hellmuth 6. Johnny Moss
  11. I honestly hate everything about the steelers.. i hope they dont win a single game.. sorry i do like one thing about the steelers... they are dumb enough to get rid of randel-el and Jerome Bettis finally retired he was making Michigan look worse than it already is
  12. wow, you are all really really really weird...
  13. Plaintiff Annie Duke has also won a WSOP event, and is regarded as the best and most accomplished female professional poker player in the history of poker. Plaintiff Andrew Bloch has two WPT “Final Table” appearances. Youve got to be kidding me right? that is one of the funniest things ive read all day...Kathy Liebert is even better than her and i hate KL w/ a passion. Let alone Jennifer Harman which i dont even need to discuss. But how could they post something like this?
  14. Its not even like that, im a major major major smartass and thats why people that dont know me think im cocky and/or arrogant. I dont talk about peoples play or talk about what "I WOULDVE DONE IN THE HAND" im not stupid im not trying to make the players better. im just a major smartass who has a sense of humor. I asked this question because the last few times i was playin people were getting mad at me saying i was cocky for no reason. I think it is because i am a young college kid. I had not said one word at the table. I almost never speak to people unless they start talkin first or i know the
  15. I am the type of person to make fun of people but not in a hurtful way. I can take a joke as well as i can give them out. Its all playful and the people that know me best love me for this. A lot of people that dont know me and just meet me think i come across as cocky or arrogant especially at the poker table(which i personally find funny) What is the best strategy to exploit this. I can play any style at any time so that will not be a problem.I was thinking more along the lines of semi-loose in small pots and only play big pots when i have the near nuts. (i know you should do this somewhat a
  16. I am going to be playing in a satellite tonite for the Main event. I was wondering what strategy you would use. Should i play tight in the beginning, loose in the beginning taking some chances to build up. Stuff like this. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Please tell why you think such things work well for this. $20 buyin. 1 main event seat guaranteed. pays 4.1. Main Event Seat2. $2003. $1004. $50. Aprox 100-200 players. Thanks again in advance
  17. I think that Chipco Chips have a great feel and look to them as well.. pretty expensive like paulsons
  18. no im not 15 miles away im over an hour away from one or else id be playin there 6 days a week.
  19. I used to play all day every day. I had a regular weekly game i would alwayz play in. i would try to find a game anywhere possible. The past month i have played about 3 times. The month before that about 10 times.I am just so damn bored with online poker and the nearest casino is about an hour and 15 mins away. I love playing live games. For some reason, i think playing online is one of the most boring things you can do. There is no fun in it whatsoever. I even shuffle chips while playing trying to get the "feel" of a live game it still doesnt do it for me. Does anyone have any suggestions on
  20. 1. TP/MM2. Win the ME 3 years in a row and alwayz finish in the final table. 3. Become the best poker player of all time
  21. Yeah ive got the clip i can upload it to youtube a lil bit later
  22. i finally uploaded the clip of Chau Chiang for those who want to see it.
  23. Sent u a PM, its pretty long, any other questions you have just PM me back. Thanks again
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