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  1. First hand back:PokerStars Game #13905783777: Tournament #69788365, $10+$1 Hold'em No Limit - Level XIII (800/1600) - 2007/12/16 - 17:46:07 (ET)Table '69788365 1786' 9-max Seat #5 is the buttonSeat 1: artür10 (845 in chips) Seat 2: linkeloehtje (52934 in chips) Seat 3: slicksilver1 (27155 in chips) Seat 4: pokerace3454 (18700 in chips) Seat 5: damnimlow (20355 in chips) Seat 6: DocMagic (13636 in chips) Seat 7: TwinsCubsFan (8504 in chips) Seat 8: blo0m (5455 in chips) Seat 9: kingbrad12 (9560 in chips) artür10: posts the ante 150linkeloehtje: posts the ante 150slicksilver1: posts the ante 150
  2. 8504 at break after losing a 48k pot. JJ<99
  3. So let me get this straight, you titled a thread "I'm giving Away Money" and then you are complaining when you lose? If you expect everyone to go all in everyhand, I think you should say it next time.
  4. 668649348 out 12th. Good challenge guys.
  5. I predict the three of us will be seated at table 4
  6. Let's get in the next one, not 297. I'll ship to you right away, is your screen name the same? 668649348
  7. Elo, I'll be playing my last one sometime around 11 EST tonight. If you'll be around, I'd love to stake you in the same one. Just send me a PM if you're interested. Thanks again for your work on this.
  8. Out 32nd.... flop 2nd nut flush, drawn out to A high for chip lead....
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