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  1. Daniel,Are you kidding me! No Pittsburgh Steelers players? Not sure if you caught what happened last year, but they beat (yes probably by taking out a quarterback that was really good for the team)CinncinattiWent into the next venue and said what's up....Indi(by some understanding with the ref's who made it close)Ended up in the superbowl by my own impression as a job well down and expected(by analyzing the season as a whole and looking at the times and games madoxx started and lost)Seattle (THey lost, by fortune of it's own misfortune and its own unpreparedness to the steelers) but honestl
  2. I've recently dealt with this problem and used similar suggestions posted previously. When I first started playing, she huffed and puffed that it was to much. Over time we talked about the game, why I played and how poker as a hobbie that was a source of income was similar to something in her life that she enjoyed. When she saw the parallels she understood. But as with compromise there are rules set. I know when I'm most productive during the day playing cards or when I have set live play scheduled. So those are the times when I play without hassle and more encouragement to win. D
  3. Oh ****...did the bill pass in congress?
  4. Same here..been slow for about an hour then just went out. I got disconnected from my 30m SNG and can't get backAny word about a refund or anything like that?
  5. Dear Mr. XXXXXXXXX : Thank you for contacting my office regarding Internet gambling. I appreciate your taking the time to bring your views on this important matter to my attention. As a United States Senator, it is essential that I be kept fully informed on the issues of concern to my constituents. Be assured that I will keep your thoughts on this issue in mind when the Senate considers this or related issues during the 109th Congress. Again, thank you for writing. The concerns of my constituents are of great importance to me, and I rely on you and other P
  6. During a home game:Blinds: 25, 50.UTG Raises 200 Two callers and then an all in, for 175. Does the initial UTG raiser have the opportunity to go all in?ThanksM
  7. With all those limpers, weren't you scared someone had the Kx of spades?
  8. It seems that this is the case for most players. You start LAG, then TAG and realize everyone is so tight, playing by the books. Then back to LAG/TAG when the time is right.Nice reply. I can see this as my development as well. B)
  9. I played QJ off UTG and thought it was a great hand.. Feel free to own up to your own fishy plays when you first started. MJ
  10. K3 unsooted or soooted. For some reason it works.
  11. Can't hit another "K"..they both have KK
  12. So you all started to describe playing TAG and then LAG. When I think of LAG, I think of someone playing any two cards and just basically waiting for any sign of weakness..then pounce on the pot. Am I correct? Also to play LAG, doesn't it require a bigger BR (RING) or Stack (MTT) to pull this off.If you could set up an example of someone like myself opening a pot from midposition with likely holdings in this position and, you, being the LAG in +1 to cutoff how would you play. Lets give some examples...TAG has XX and LAG has XX (Please insert a hand that you would play in this situation, no
  13. I find a little change in play when I move from $5 to $10. There is also a difference in the time that you might play compared to the competition. I play around 3pm-6pm. I find that playing at these times bring out more fish. If I play after 6 pm EST, then the play gets better. As for the higher SNG, don't have the bankroll to justify the play. It happens probably more times than not in any level. You don't see it in the higher levels as much because experienced players know when to lay down and are aware of how many outs they have to even consider playing the hand. If they have a mi
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