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  1. Easy cowboy, lets see what stars has to say before rallying the troops.
  2. lol cubs. Ya for me, if I dont wanna play a shortstacker, ie 20bb stack, Ill just tell them a dollar amount to buy in for. They usually leave.EDIT - You will be called a pssy like 87% of the time because you're "scared" to play them
  3. Everyday, I launch up 10 of these tables hoping for someone to berate me, haha. sw
  4. ahaha, its funny you mention this. The other day I donked around at $2, and I basically owned someone, ie guessed I was ahead at this level, and he berated me. I said HU? he says yes find a table. $65 later, he's has no more money.
  5. No, and you should care. If I see someone playing HU and write notes on them, and have their stats and ranges figured out, then come on the next day and his style of play has completely changed, is this fair for me?
  6. To pull of the chops, you need to act like you have chops. Smack her around a bit
  7. Ya RDog, tbh, he hasnt doesnt seem like a really bad guy. Leaving to walk his dog last night was kinda douchbagish, but I think the best you're gonna get, and really the best at not making this an official kinda thing is just to say, "Look, 2 tables, and lets play for a few hrs, giving 30 mins notice" or whatever works.
  8. Min number of hands would be key, especially since I'm sure you will adapt. I'd do it if I was rolled. You have the BR, you have the poker sense, just give it.
  9. About 200-240 i think. Its hard to filter that in PT because of wait times.
  10. I can do this in a couple hours if you dont find anyone. Just at work now, but will be home in about 2 hrs. Send me a PM if you want. I have about $130 I could do.
  11. Thats basically how the match went though, he ran hotter than the sun. You're right though, hard to evaluate his play when he had a big hand every time, or backdoored something on you. Easy to play when you're hitting hands. Oh ya Tre, stop taking money from $100 donks, kthxbye. haha but srsly, you're running 118bb/100 at 100. Also nh's posted, love it when guys just can't stand getting raised.
  12. I can say one thing. I've run good at ridiculously bad donkeys sitting with me.
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