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  1. LOL thats the biggest load of crap i've ever heard....your telling me in the past 4 months you've mad 13 Gs off your 20 dollar investment and plaing 1 dollar and 5 dollar MTTs.... :roll:um, basically, yeah. i started at 5 and 10 buyins, and now i play 50-100 dollar buyins. i win about 2% of the tourneys i play, and make the final table in about 8%. believe me or not, but it's true.ps: it's "you're," not "your." if you're going to be a dick, then at least use proper grammar doing so.
  2. i did it wrong, but i started with 20 bucks on pokerroom in early february. i played dollar, five dollar, and freeroll MTTs, and won about 100 dollars, and have kept the same sort of system, but moving up in buyins, and now my roll is about 3 grand and i've cashed out over 10 grand.
  3. 1st in a 60 dollar 500 man, 5 grand.
  4. heh, as much as i appreciate the antagonism, i'm using pokerroom-speak. there are only two higher limit games that EVER are going at pokerroom, and most of the people that post here aren't ever talking about anything higher than 1/2 or 2/4 limit HE. of course i fully acknowledge that i don't play the highest NL games in existence, jesus.and to the others, yes, i DO win at limit (the regular 1.5-2.5 BB/hr at 5/10 and 10/20). however, i am currently more interested in improving my reading skills, which is better achieved at NL. since i (well, until recently) win at both limit and NL, i may as we
  5. sorry, i didn't mean to imply that i didn't move down in limits when my roll fell so low. i know better than to overplay a bankroll, and i did manage to lose the last 1500 or so playing 2/4 nl and some tourneys....re: limit, i don't know that that's my game. i mean, i know the math perfectly and i do win regularly at limit, but it's not my real cup of tea. my game is sensing weakness and taking advantage of it, which doesn't work very well in mid-limit HE. i'm fine with playing mechanically, but i really am interested in improving my game constantly, and i think that most of what's lacking is
  6. iqtest.com. but it's not for real. i scored perfect on that test (180), but the real life test given by a psychologist gave me the score i posted above. but, as i said, neither score means anything in any grand sense.edit:actually, even the sanctioned tests given by psychologists can't measure iqs above 140 especially accurately. the online tests can't really go accurately above 120.
  7. 143, but it doesn't matter. everyone knows that the iq test was made up to prove that white people are smarter than black people, right?
  8. so here's the deal:i'm a grad student that pays his tuition and living expenses with online poker. i play about 15 hrs/wk and win, on average, about 4000 dollars a month (significantly more lately, since i've finally decided to increase limits by saving my bankroll). i play a combination of multitable tourneys (buyins of $30+) and 3/6 or 5/10 nl he cash games, usually dominating both quite regularly.but, in just a couple of days, i've managed to nearly wipe out my bankroll. i'm down to about 1700 dollars (though i have another 4k saved for "emergencies," of the poker or life variety) after saf
  9. not really... you could sneak into a qualifier with a bit more play or jumping up just one limit, i bet...
  10. yeah, you're just not playing high enough stakes for them to mean anything... playing 5/10 nl he brings in a lot of points, but the 6k freerolls are kinda pointless at that stage. i'd give you my points if i could.... :-)
  11. kind of dumb to be playing j9s mid pos, limping or otherwise, when you have 8xbb in your stack. fold that crap preflop.and you kind of bet like a wuss at that flop. if you're gonna semi-bluff, semi-bluff. don't just peck at that pot with your stack. if you had more chips, you could afford to try to bet small and build with pot odds, but you don't. as you'll see from the subsequent analysis, you're going to have to make a scary call anyway, so just push 'em in on that flop if you're going to bet at all. take down a medium-sized pot and start moving up in the standings.but you're in a shitty sit
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is a common way to do re-buys. That is, only allowing the one's with a stack less than the starting stack. Yes? No?Yes re-buys if your stack is below the starting amount, 1 add on at the end of rebuy period regardless of stack size.then you're good by me =)
  13. that sounds fine to me, except for the way you do add-ons. if you're going to do add-ons, you should allow them to everyone. otherwise you're penalizing people who can increase their stacks without doubling up in the first hour, and that's just silly!
  14. pokerroom has this, and if they don't have your preferred stakes, you can always make a private table.
  15. i've said it before and i'll say it again: o/8 is soft on ANY site out there. if i were you, though, i'd find a site with pot limit o/8, where you can take more advantage of all the fishies experimenting with a new game that they can be bad at.once you learn your odds, pot limit is definitely the way to go. in many cases, you can scoop whole pots by throwing a huge bet at a pot that you're only entitled to half of. not so in limit.
  16. undergrad: grinnell college, grinnell, iowa; double major in physics and philosophygraduate: mcmaster university, hamilton, ontario; religious studiesany other grinnellians frequent this site? we used to have a poker club, and i know at least one of us went pro (not me... yet).
  17. this actually depends, and it depends on josh's position, which you/he haven't mentioned. if he's utg+1 or something, pushing with 99 is the right play. he does NOT want a third player in the pot with a mid pair. if he's late position and it's been all folds, then yes, the call would have been the right play, because he's isolated anyway.
  18. the PLO and PLO/8 games are going to be wicked soft on any site, even up to 2/4 and beyond. i've yet to see a PL version of omaha online that isn't really, really easy to take for a lot of money.remember, the poker gods invented omaha because people were starting to figure out hold 'em, at least enough to make it not so profitable.
  19. i do not agree with this all-in crap.i think it's safe to say that you have the min-raiser well dominated (aj, at, kq, etc.), but the other has you for a race. the second guy you'd have to put on a big pair for that kind of reraise (or at least a pp, even if he's a nutjob), so he's not going anywhere on your push. the first guy is for sure going away if you push. you're not getting ANY folding equity, so take that out, unless the guy with 8k has been playing supertight, which isn't likely if he's around at this stage of a more than single table.so the question is, are you willing to bet all of
  20. ah, i forgot to mention: i recently moved to canada, and as far as i know, there are no such taxes here. also, my winnings extended to a year assume i'm sticking at 20 hrs/wk, which isn't bloody likely. more likely is something in the range of 60-70k, i'd expect. i'm giving conservative estimates, because there's certainly one side that's better to err on than the other... my "plan" as of now is to finish my master's degree, then try the poker thing while not breaking myself, and not pushing it to the point of forbidding myself another job. if it works, i'll have a life decision to make; if no
  21. i've actually been curious about this, too. i currently play online while going to grad school and win, on average, about 5-600 a week playing 2/4 pl o/8 and tournaments for about 20 hrs/wk. while i do know that my HE game isn't good enough to win a living at cash games, i do consider myself an excellent tournament player at the 30-100 dollar buyin range (25% cash rate, 15% final table rate, 6% top 3), and playing against the best online o/8 players at pokerroom, i win considerable amounts of money. extending my last 6 months to a full year, i would make somewhere in the range of 30k/yr, whic
  22. assuming you're serious, how would you feel about backing someone who turned 20 dollars into 8000 playing strictly multitable tournaments, and only 2 a day on average? *pointing feverishly at myself*and yes, i realize that sounds silly, not to mention poor bankroll management, but i'm not talking about my entire roll, just my pokerroom account. i decided to throw 20 bucks into pokerroom to play a few multis after my friends told me they were lucrative. i'd say a 30% final table rate over 300 tourneys of over 100 entrants is lucrative, indeed. but do NOT consider this an invite to come take my
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