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  1. i never got to see anything! i assume mark was killed?
  2. this one's my favorite:http://www.propokertools.com/simulator/oma...ationEditor.jsp
  3. true story: i just reread this ENTIRE THREAD. still grades A+++. i am quite alive--i just don't play as much poker as i used to. had to grow up, etc, etc
  4. you're just jealous that we didn't invite you to cuddle.
  5. jeff and i ran away to hold midnight cuddle sessions in the wisconsin capitol building.my big one is copernicus.
  6. edited a bad joke above. (strategy's edit is more on point)
  7. but it's 8000 sq mi of holy sand and rocks.seriously, though:with regard to the whole israel thing, the problem palestinians have--and it's a justified one--is that when modern day israel was formed, it was (pretty much) the first time that outside powers kind of came in and "settled" a conflict that was always being not-worked-out internally between the two groups. while there has hardly been anything remotely resembling stability in the area for, well, thousands of years, there was at least a sort of honesty to the conflicts there that stemmed from the fact that the people invested in that c
  8. if it is, my stoner college friend just lost the best story he ever told.
  9. my injun internet is barely fast enough to not time out every time i click bet. i don't have the time to go to a WHOLE OTHER ****ING WEBSITE.
  10. ....even when i want to be called.Full Tilt Poker Game #21353560212: Table Vibe (6 max) - $2/$4 - Limit Omaha H/L - 3:11:46 ET - 2010/06/04Seat 1: Jesters Trix ($82)Seat 2: checkymcfold ($139.50)Seat 3: MuonChoi ($55.50)Seat 4: Schmopeless ($43)Seat 5: essemkay ($42)Seat 6: kerrdogg ($47)Schmopeless posts the small blind of $1essemkay posts the big blind of $2The button is in seat #3*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to checkymcfold [3d 2d 7c 4c]kerrdogg foldsJesters Trix foldscheckymcfold raises to $4MuonChoi calls $4Schmopeless calls $3essemkay folds*** FLOP *** [3h 5d Ah]Schmopeless checkscheckymcfold
  11. i will post every successful cbet this session.Full Tilt Poker Game #21353488287: Table Ripley (6 max) - $5/$10 - Limit Omaha H/L - 3:05:35 ET - 2010/06/04Seat 1: kylewww3 ($100)Seat 2: CAPTAININSANITY ($142.50)Seat 3: beeffrank21 ($108)Seat 4: checkymcfold ($399.50)Seat 5: Luc Levi ($164.50)Seat 6: tingeltangelman ($92.50)CAPTAININSANITY posts the small blind of $2.50beeffrank21 posts the big blind of $5The button is in seat #1*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to checkymcfold [As 5c 2c 3s]checkymcfold raises to $10Luc Levi calls $10tingeltangelman calls $10CAPTAININSANITY foldsbeeffrank21 calls $5*** F
  12. i vote we post some meaningless hands:Full Tilt Poker Game #21353371980: Table Ripley (6 max) - $5/$10 - Limit Omaha H/L - 2:54:20 ET - 2010/06/04Seat 1: PigeonHoe ($114)Seat 2: CAPTAININSANITY ($101.50)Seat 3: beeffrank21 ($70)Seat 4: checkymcfold ($419.50)Seat 5: Luc Levi ($111.50)Seat 6: tingeltangelman ($123.50)Luc Levi posts the small blind of $2.50tingeltangelman posts the big blind of $5The button is in seat #4*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to checkymcfold [9c 7s As 5h]PigeonHoe foldsCAPTAININSANITY foldsbeeffrank21 foldscheckymcfold raises to $10Luc Levi has 15 seconds left to actLuc Levi fol
  13. haha, reminds me of one of my friends in college who claims that this happened to him on mushrooms (omg don't drive on mushrooms):he got pulled over on the highway tripping balls. the officer asked him, "son, do you know how fast you were going?" and he replied, "about 75, probably. i'm sorry, officer."the officer then says, "FIVE. you were going FIVE miles per hour. i don't know what you're on, but you're obviously not drunk, so please get off the road and sleep it off."not sure how true it is, but it makes me giggle.
  14. i think it's pretty hard to just get a little bit high, but i haven't smoked brick weed in a while.that study henry quoted REALLY surprises me, but i trust a scientific study more than my own subjective opinion (oh, if only more people were willing to say that!). i mean, i smoke a good deal of pot, and it always changes my mindset to the point where i don't consider myself as competent a driver as i am sober, so i don't drive high, ever. i'd probably have no problem having public policy err on the side of no tolerance with regard to "altered" driving, but i'm not aware of any thc test that can
  15. fwiw i am pretty sure that limping 100% at <10 dollar buyins, if you allow yourself to limp/reraise, could be pretty successful against total lp fish if you're good at postflop play. but that's not to say that it'd be the most optimal approach--it's just an overextension of the idea that against total retards, you want to play more hands cheaply preflop and punish them postflop.just limping alone seems kind of silly, though, as does trying this in a setting with anything remotely resembling competent villains.
  16. this whole situation is so ****ed. politics aside, i just saw an interview with a geologist who said that after the failed attempt today, we basically have the big/nuclear bomb option (risky for reasons already mentioned) or have to invent something new to try, or else we could be looking at THREE YEARS of this until the well starts to dry up. gg east coast if that happens, jesus.as to the obama criticism, the only real question worth asking is "could he be doing something he isn't doing already?" and outside of some sort of empty feely speech, i think that the answer is a pretty clear "nothin
  17. :racistjoke: fwiw i once successfully checkraised gallo in night baseball, a game of perfect information. pretty sure he beat me in the hand, though.
  18. lol, no, i meant me .it just got to the point that i knew that a fair number of regs i played against regularly were reading all of my strat posts and advice and that it was costing me pretty significantly in terms of winrate. i had to change my general style a bit and quit posting publicly to get it back. i'm pretty sure a lot of others would say the same.
  19. but you never even had me.on a more serious note (apologies--i'm having a srs drunk for some reason), i think that the main reason so many people left fcp was that it became so ridic -ev to post strategy on a public forum (esp when one was so retarded as to sign up for poker forums with the same sn as ftp/stars, ahem), and when a lot of us migrated elsewhere for strat, the social part kind of migrated with us. tbh, i'd like to retain some sort of regularity of posting here, too, but it's a bit unwieldy to keep track of multiple forums, at least for me.
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