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  1. no. it was very plain. no bling. tall. skinny. from what I remember a smallish head. escrow company I walked out of a mattress store and got $125 knocked off. I also braved ikea but got all that shit online afterwards (like this) and will have it next weekend. the L word was dropped on me earlier (and I liked loved it)
  2. Not sure if this post is suited for this place but signed a bunch of escrow documents for my condo today. highlights 1. everyone told me it'd be a couple hours. this guy? 30 minutes. 2. notary was showing boobage 3. my middle initial is in my vesting so I am expected to have this in my signature too. I was like really? really. I did my regular signature and just printed the initial in the middle. "I've never seen that before" was the response. 4. potential gifts from notary: kitchen towels; a bowl/cup/chalice thingy; kitchen towel and a brush; kitchen towel and an oven mitt
  3. I have to qualify my vote. The current girl seems like a secret freak (seeky freaky) so I'm voting for the 'true love' option only because I think the stories could get better and better.
  4. I'm bringing nice chocolates to a shindig tomorrow. Chocolate and wine is more than a bottle of wine.
  5. then I stand by my story. sexing up the ladies is cardio. possibly it's like wearing a weight vest if you're standing up or something. it looks like her shirt is on backwards with that slight V action
  6. I thought MexiMelt was the guy who worked out with a hood on and had a douchey guy tell him to stop. that's what that was all about. working out with a hood on. hoodie. I picture it with cut-off sleeves to show off the guns. sleeveless hoodie or
  7. my stream of consciousness is a jerk. you would obviously need that sweet nectar of alcohol to wash down all that delicious food you prepared. you'd probably sex up all the ladies and work it all off as long as some douche didn't make you put your hood down.
  8. you could say something like you haven't looked, applied or gone on any interviews but a friend of yours has been telling you to apply at their company and the expectation is the salary is 40k or just say 42k. that's your starting point and you can try to negotiate to like 36k or something. not sure if that makes you happier. I know what Mirena is and I like it. ....... edit: will Jeff get his due? Maybe he'll post funny snide remarks! or a link to a cool video which you'll repeat for a few days! is Ron going to eat all the food before his guests get there? that's jus
  9. ok ok ok. we need someone to do a 100% match on this deal. Hank drives out and writes a blog. MexiMelt gets two ladies for the bar and gets lots of pics and makes sure their outfits are miami summer appropriate. someone at the wedding bags one or both. if it's Hank then he still gets to keep the money. win. win. win.
  10. I was going to say we start a fund to increase the quality of the bartendress at the Mexicon wedding (everyone throws in 5, 10, 20 bucks) because maybe it becomes two bartendresses but I think getting Hank some gas hooker money is a better idea
  11. Gimme your heart. Make it real. Or else forget about it
  12. just don't tell them that guys are nervous that they're going to be an idiot and girls are nervous the guy is going to be an idiot someone else's blood on my penis on the weekend c'mon shake
  13. Quack Chrinestone P.I. It was a dark and stormy night. In the middle of Summer. In San Diego. About as unlikely as a little dog being chased by a biker gang after stealing three pepperoni pizzas from an all girl threesome. But let's start from the beginning. I'm not from San Diego. I was only here for one day and night. It was the middle of comicon. I wasn't here for that. I was here for something else. I can't specify what it involved but I told an equaintance that "we will likey to stay in the Gaslamp Quarter and just want to see some 'quick' sites around town, meaning no trip to the
  14. after my stellar...after my recommen...after my post where I gave a several probably not useful ideas for what to do on the 19th of July (yestersday), I think we need a trip report. if it was boring (read: you didn't do anything I said to do (ok fine. you did everything I said to do (actually that's probably impossible))) then make up a story. please include a biker gang, a threesome, a chiua..chihua...a little dog and three pepperoni pizzas.
  15. I mean once strat arrives it's no longer a happy hour. AmIrightorwhat?oh-bab-idab-idah-ohh-myyy-uhhhhhhhhh. sorry. always a pleasure.
  16. OK. so you're there right in the middle of comic con. http://www.comic-con.org/cci . maybe this is part of the trip. maybe it isn't. you're walking distance. wouldn't be quick so I'm guessing this is a no go. it's also horse racing season (http://www.dmtc.com/) but that's up in Del Mar so too far. I think there's a gaslamp museum but I've never done that. http://chuckjones.com/galleries/san-diego-ca/ is cool I don't go down to the gaslamp too much so I can't really give you specifics on cool bars or restaurants but you should just look up places on yelp before you go and then w
  17. yea. coulda. woulda. shoulda? I was going out that night and didn't want to start too early. skinnier guy so I slow down quicker and I was in-between meals. that's perfect for Shake though. Kids n wife are in the regular seats. he goes over the dining car/bar car for one drink. orders another and brings back stuff for everyone and complains about the long line and slow service.
  18. Philly to D.C. was OK. I brought a book but ended up just looking outside the window the whole time. I didn't go over to the dining car (I was by myself. the trip was shortish and I didn't feel like chatting with randoms). The great convenience part about going to D.C. is the metro connection inside the station.
  19. I have received and read your request and will get back to you next week. don't read this http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/Stabbing-Market-Street-San-Diego-CVS-Alta-Condo-Gaslamp-211584331.html
  20. I'm busy that month. The "city" of San Diego is huge. where will you be at? You will have a car right? What day/night exactly? Give all the deets like the general area where you're staying and what other obligations you have and who you're with and I'll do my best. I will give an honest effort. Honestly, I live in North County so I'm probably not the best person to ask but I'll help where I can. I know some stuff.
  21. sorry. between hooker banging, skinny chick banging, moms banging, eww don't suck my dick banging, chubby banging, not banging, and foreigner banging you guys got it all pretty much covered so I had to double up on one of the areas. I means there's choking chicks but that guy doesn't post here anymore. I mean I don't know if he really ever posted here here but whatever. you want me to go weird? I can do weird. I'll do it. don't test me. fine. I'm gonna go find four random words from the last four TOP posts and make something of them. I'm doing it. suck. open. gun
  22. the girl I was with at NYSM (not New York Sado Masochism) said "I've got no idea who I'm supposed to be rooting for" (magicians or cops) and "why are there only two people working this case?" (mark ruffalo and french girl from inglorious basterds) but yes it was fun. And, not that'd I'd know anything about this but yes a girl has different rates for couples and for her bringing a friend along (if she does that)
  23. double down, essay. you're seeing her so might as well double down.
  24. The Sharks were 12% faster as a team when they traded Douglas Murray. I would've rather the Penguins made it to the final again. Chicago-Pittsburgh would've been a good one. And, my general dislike for all of the other three teams is greater than my dislike of the Pens so I think I won't be a happy camper any which way now.
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