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  1. GOOD LUCK! All of us up here in Yellowknife, NT Canada are chreerin for yah! Make us Canadians proud!
  2. Hello,I am heading to Vegas in November and am looking for a good Indian resturaunt. I know there is one at the Rio but not sure if it is good or not. Can anybody give me feedback on whether the Rio's Indian place is worth it or if there is any other place I should be checking out?Thanx a bunch!
  3. I thought the performances last night were WEAK!! It's the last night people, come on! I thought the McPhee and Hicks could do a lot better then that. I f I would base my opinions on last nights performance, I think Hicks gets it.
  4. I loved this tourney that best in Vagas! I played in a variety of places last time I went and we kept going back. The amount of donks was evened out by solid players. I fun tourney to play and definitely worth the money.
  5. Seems to me that they are trying to plug other table games so the casinos can make some serious money. For someone that doesn't already know that the odds are agianst you, they make it look like you can't win.Seems like a ploy to me
  6. Well maybe we should look deaper into the reasons "why" homosexuals may suffer from more health problems. Not like I believe this comment is true but if I did I think it could be explained not by sexual preference but social status.Our society has socialized people to believe that this behaviour is wrong and deviant. How do you think this effects the targeted group? Feeling like who you are is not accepted or is wrong can have a huge effect on how you view yourself, which in turn could lead to self destructive behaviour ie: drug/ alcohol abuse, suicide, etc. Self respect and self worth is
  7. Wow sounds like a blast!!Only 166 days till my turn
  8. I would have raised post flop.You just called the flop hoping he would be the turn. Now he best the turn and now what? Is you q good?I wouldn't slow play this hand after the flop there are a lot of ways you god be beat on the turn. Throw the raise on the flop to see where you stand.
  9. Would be calling here. If he had aces pre-flop would he move all in? What did he have anyways? Did you say?
  10. Like what everyone else was saying, RAISE THE FLOP. You have no idea where you stand by just calling. By raising him post flop you can gain more infp and therefore save more $ in the end
  11. Hey that what I was goin to say! To me for SNG the major factors are position. I have a short list a hands I play in EP but I open it up once in LP. Give yourself the upper hand by getting to act later rather then earlier!
  12. No question that I would call here. He is moving every hand, so what are you waiting for. I would risk the bubble in this situation. Although I wouldn't think of it as a risk with JJ.Too bad he hit two pair. More often then not you will win with JJ against him. Good play just tough luck
  13. I could totally understand why you would get upset. Although I would be worried that if you freak you might not have anybody to use your poker set up with
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