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  1. I don't know, he could always double up with 9-7 or some other strong hand.
  2. Nine straight with a win last night over the Celtics, despite 20+ turnovers and getting killed on the offensive glass. You could definitely see fatigue from the epic game the night before, with the exception of Shawn Marion, who as always had another solid game across the board.Two games down on the five-game road trip, but the hardest tests will be the last two: Orlando and Miami.The Nets game doesn't seem to be appearing on ESPN Classic any time soon (although they're showing the highest scoring game in history [Denver-Detroit] Wednesday), but for those in Arizona, FSNAZ is showing it Sunday
  3. You could see signs of this in last year's playoffs, when Diaw was still somewhat aggressive. Especially in the Dallas series, Boris started flipping up layups and off-balance runners instead of going to the hole strong and laying it off the glass or dunking it over smaller defenders. This year, it's like he's allergic to the paint. I appreciate his all-around talent and am overall in favor of him being a pass-first player, but at some point he has to abuse the mismatches that are almost always around when he's on the court and start scoring. Thanks to his erratic (albeit improving) jump shot,
  4. When he plays like he did last night, Steve Nash is the best player in the NBA. But on a consistent, night-in-night-out basis, the edge has to go to Lebron, Kobe, and Dwyane. If the MVP award were based solely on the most talented player, Nash wouldn't have won either year -- and even in its current form, I don't agree with Nash winning it last year. But last night was sick.
  5. Seven straight, nine out of 10. Last night against the Kings, you could take your pick of the most ridiculous part:1) Steve Nash dropping 20 dimes, nine in the first quarter alone, with just three turnovers, or2) Pat Burke hitting three 3's in the last two minutes. This is a 7-foot white guy who doesn't get any minutes at all. He also hit that three from the scorer's table in game 7 against the Lakers last year, which was hilarious.So we'll see how long the streak can last. A five-game road trip is up next, with a few more of those inane back-to-backs scattered in. But Diaw and Stoudemire are
  6. Steve Nash is the new hotness....Nope, not even a Suns fan can say that with a straight face.
  7. Lamar Odom isn't stepping up his game. He's playing his same, consistent game from years past. The only difference is, his averages are up from last season because of the time Kobe missed. Andrew Bynum and Luke Walton are stepping up their games, not Odom.
  8. The point isn't connected to directly to Ben, it's merely sarcasm. And it's two years ago, not five.I'm not so sure about that finals trip. Semifinals, sure.
  9. Yeah, now you can use that cap room on Arroyo, Milicic, or Okur....Oh.
  10. Because KG isn't the kind of vocal, clubhouse-infesting guy who would demand one, and the reasons already mentioned.
  11. And nothing helps sort out a team's woes like getting to play Portland. Should be an easy one tonight.
  12. Agreed. And what is the split, something like 11 of 15 teams over .500 in the West and 11 of 15 under in the East? It's even more ridiculous than it's been for the past five years.
  13. The way he's played the last five games, they really should be. Him and Haslem have both been solid, but the main problem is that neither scores a whole lot. Haslem's pretty much a 15 and 10 and that's about it (although he certainly puts those up consistently).Walker played a little better last night, but Payton was horrible and James Posey missed another game. It really seems like they'll have to make a deal to pick up some scoring at some point, since Haslem is their second best at just 13 a game.
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