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  1. Anyone know of any cheap hotel/inns within 20 miles radius of harrah's san diego? Any info (hotel name and #,etc) would help me and those who are seeking for the same info.
  2. You gotta be joking rite? I mean Scotty has a wife and kids. He wouldn't do such thing to his family (cuz he's asian). But if thats really his girlfriend, Scotty is DA PIMP!!!
  3. The Secret of My SuccessLog: Antonio Esfandiari and T.J. Cloutier are at the same table in the early going of the shorthanded No-Limit Event. Esfandiari took the opportunity to ask, "T.J., what is the secret to your success." "Longevity," T.J. replied, "I'm still alive."Daniel Negreanu EliminatedLog: Daniel Negreanu and Haralobos Voulgaris got into a raising war preflop. Vulgaris showed A-K, and Negreanu showed pocket jacks. It was a short lived race, when the flop brought a king. Negreanu stood up immediately, before the turn card even came out, and said, "I can't never win a race no more. I
  4. LOL...i was about to post that it but you did beat out of it...just make y0u think ALL guys think alike
  5. agreed. the movie is boring and has little to do with poker. for a poker fan, it's watchable.
  6. As you all know that hasab habib is an excellent no limit tourney player but i hear that he is a horrible cash game limit poker player. I heard that he once had to sell he house because he lost so much on the limit cash game. i think he's currently staked by amir vehedi. are any of these rumors true? anyone know alot about habib, please post.
  7. man...what have i started!!!
  8. Yup...really enjoyable eposide....Last week WPT was boring...WPT Bahamas i think
  9. hi, i know this has nothing to do w/ poker but i was wondering if anyone has extra gmail invites. I would like to get an invite. thanx.email: Spampurpose@yahoo.com
  10. just curious, anybody around San Diego is going to the Mike Caro's free poker seminar at the radisson hotel next tuesday nite? and for those of your who'd been to a caro's free seminar, how quickly did the seminar fill up and was it helpful?
  11. www.wizardofodds.comorwww.onlineblackjackguide.com
  12. really? does anyone else concur? i heard different stories from other ppl. And how hard it's to clear the bonus if im playing at .50/1 NLH?
  13. hey guys, im planning to either sign up at fulltilt or ultimatebet and deposit about 1k to play. I don't know which one is better so i'll ask for your opinions. I strictly play NL hold'em and sometimes PLO. I heard the Fulltilt bonus is very hard to clear, but how about ultimate bet bonus? I also play to earn poker points to enter in freeroll torneys. which one has the best poker point freeroll tourney?
  14. i can't believe the majority of you pick juanda over t.j. you're all wrong. t.j. will crush juanda and will end up winning the whole thing.
  15. tyler, since this is your first big tourney, chances are you will be very nervous. You need something or do something to cool you down. Getting some testosterone out of you body helps you calm down. "Cleaning the pipe" would help. If you watched "There's something about mary" then you would know what i mean. It sounds nasty but it really works. I know it for a fact and im not trying to be funny either. Good luck. :twisted:
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