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  1. Thanks again Rose for your post, the amount of support I've received from everyone has been amazing. Thanks again to Daniel himself for his generous donation in March. Skyler
  2. Thanks Rose I really appreciate you making this thread. It's been a trying time and Its been really moving having all the support I've received. Hopefully we can get my baby a diagnosis and prevent her from losing her vision. Lova ya girl.
  3. See why people no longer post on here, feel free to delete this thread. Still waiting for my chip set from 2010!
  4. Plenty of people bet with money they don't have. Ive been scammed on this site for around $1000, gotta be careful who they deal with. Cubs I sent you your money the day after the season was going, not sure what the confusion was.
  5. Don't play any poker besides the wsop Get a better dice dealing job
  6. Fair enough...However I feel this is a redraft league. There is no need for him to be trading AP when he is completely out of the race.Just my .02
  7. The 12th place team in the league trading AP for 3 scrubs?
  8. Well it's pretty frustrating to essentially be second in the league in scoring and have the most points scored against me. 8th place and 2nd in scoring is beyond annoying. Last year of fantasy for me.
  9. Wish I would have made league 6 playofs teams, blah.
  10. Never had any issues with moneybookers. I'd just try calling them again,
  11. Is that what you wanted Daniel's help with?
  12. Still waiting on payments from a few people, would prefer to have those in before the season kicked off. Thanks, Skyler
  13. Pretty sure it comes out 30 mins before draft.
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