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  1. ive been running bad for 3 months, basically everything the 2nd poster said applies to me.my live game is saving me, but online i am hemmoraging my bankroll fast.it is definitley a vicious cycle. i anticipating it breaking and variance to kick in, but my confidence is seriously broken.
  2. i suck as a person......uh, ok.he didnt get the tattoo's wrong, we spent 45 minutes drawing them up and figuring out which looked better. i didnt think the 7 looked good with the two at the bottom reversed so we put all the spades the same way, and i didnt like the middle spade on the 9 facing up so he did it the opposite way.to the girl who had the spade tattoo'd, what are your plans for more ink?
  3. no, it is my shirtany more odds on my upbringing? the 79 spades is just a start, on my knucklees will be all 4 suits, in the empty space on my hand there will be the token luck charms [horseshoe, 4 leaf clover, dice etc] along with more detailed fire and some smoke.uhm lets see whos next, well i like playing the 79 quite a bit, i am no rookie at poker and nor am i naive, i know when i am beat and i know when i have the best of it. thanks for the compliment whomever said it looked good and well done, it sure was and i am very much impressed.if you want to see some more of my Ink check my signat
  4. okay well for starters, no i dont have a job that requires me to wear a suit, but that is hardly a problem, this isn't the early 1900's. secondly, i wont be getting them removed, I'm a collector of body art, 8 in total thusfar and I'm quite proud of all of them. this one included.yes they are quite real, and surprisingly enough, no it didnt hurt all that much. 2.5 hrs straight to do the pair.why would i tattoo a brain on my ***?what do you mean pull my pants up...i lost track of the flames, but thatnks for the responses.
  5. nice. i just got my ink todayFresh Ink
  6. just got these done today. any tattoo fans?i was born in 1979 and the 79 [preferably spades] is one of my favorite hands.
  7. nice avatar.....Sheiky is the biggest donk in that tourney, which explains why he is so deep.
  8. this also made me laugh, quite uncontrollably. well done.
  9. i have to agree with the 3 posts above this last one, WORST call [scratch that, NO call] ever! how could they all miss that hiogh stick? not to mention the ref had to help Koivu off the ice all the while blood gushing out of his eye [eye region apprantley...whew!] and then that disgustoing call on komisarek, the annoiuncers all "oh if theres blood it will be 4 minutes" what bs, there was no blood and barely any high stick. it certainly, in effect, handed the game to carolina, then the "holding" penalty to add insult to injury in OT. i dont even remember carolina getting 1 penalty all game, ***
  10. well 6 of us get together on friday nights and play some low stakes [$20 buy in at the start] dealer's choice and it is always a really good time and lots of fun. Well the incident in question came up after i had rifled through 2 buy in-s already and on my thrid buy in about 20 minutes ago i had almost gotten back to even [thanks to a nuts round of baseball] it was my deal and i usually play $1 PL omaha and this hand was no different.I was dealt it was raised to $2 by the "Villian" and smooth called to me on the button, I made it the pot, around $8 or $9 i think and 3 callers.FLOP: 9-10-3Che
  11. awesome, congratulations.I just finished a 3 hr session in which i managed to donate almost $400....good times.
  12. 1.me2.donkey3.donkey4.donkey5.donkey6.gus hansen7.donkey8.donkey9.donkey10.minh ly
  13. I'd start with .25/.50, only having 2 buy-ins is never a good idea. at least if you start at the .50 level you'd have 4 buy-ins, which is still very low, but sustainable. are we talking you are only prepared to BR yourself $200? meaning one $200 deposit and then that's it? if this is the case, i'd start at the .25 level. as far as sng's go as well as MTT's, I'd say the $5 range or lower.
  14. I wouldn't, even though I'd want to. I'm sure when you fold he'd show you his fantastic bluff, but I think just losing the .50 is a better play than losing the $1.50 to rake, unless of course you have rakeback, then I guess the spite call may be worth it.
  15. i don't mind this call, i'd put him on something like KJd or KXd and you probably have him beat. based on your reads this seems like the best move. If nothing else, you get to see what he was holding.
  16. i didnt have a problem, my only problem is with the game, this is the first of 5 KK hands where i was up against aces although i havent spent much time with it.
  17. I beat the red-wings 71-0 once and that is the highest i had ever gotten or even thought possible until this very moment.you are my hero.Although My record with Muller was 54 goals and 16 assists, in on every goal but one. You have just made me want tog o out and buy a sega genesis with NHL 94.
  18. i'd have to agree, my ears are on fire.who's Mike Cunningham? a forums poster?
  19. well taking into consideration my reads on the players, knowing the SB & BB will likely fold and I'll be going at it with the two loosest players at the table, i know if i hit my hand, I'll likely stack one or even both of them. And if I miss on the flop, I'm only in $4 and it is an easy fold.The Min raise was accidental, I use the hotkeys and thought i was typing in my raise but my cursor wasn't on the right bar and when i hit F3 it did the minimum raise, I was going to make it $18 and possibly take it down there.I won;t say what my action was until a few more posts, this hand happened 3
  20. 5 handed $1 NLHE.SB-$75 has played very tight aggroBB-$105 plays premiums onlyUTG-$125 has played very very loose aggroUTG+1-$95 has played very Loose passiveButton[me]-$175 has played very loose aggroThere has been a lot of pre-flop aggression, and the standard raise is around $4 with any holding [i've seen UTG call raises with J4o, K3s, Q6s, J2s...etc] and UTG+1 likes to get in there with any connecting cards and over plays his small pocket pairs. I have played a very loose game, a lot of connecting cards and pp's of any size.Dealt to Me UTG makes it $4, UTG+1 smooth calls, I smooth call,
  21. 1. how did you see the hands they didnt show on the program?2. I just don't think it was enough, given the situation and the way the hand played out. Deeb is the kind of player, when there is THAT much out there and getting over 6:1 on your money, he had to call. I think if Devin had bet out $450k Deeb would have mucked his hand. also if he had bet the same and bluffed out deeb on MANY occassions before, with these kind of bets, Deeb is getting WAY the right price to look him up and see what he has.
  22. wow, nine high... i've seen a few of these calls before where they feel "committed" and "i've come this far, midaswell pay him off" although i am leaning towards a misclick [a frequent occurence]. yesterday I saw someone call another guy down with a board of 7-8-9-K-A [no flushes possible] with 46 [heavy preflop $20 each, heavy flop $70 each, not so heavy turns $40 each then with $65 left in front of him 46 makes a crying call on the river......... the funny thing was he made the right call, they chopped [other guy had 6-3]
  23. i actually really enjoyed this one, some sick hands!I absolutely cannot believe that Josh Schlein Kid called off over 2.5 million with 33. this seems so strange considering how well we was playing freddy, like a fiddle. I figured he would have picked a better spot. Not to take anything away from freddy's game, dame he played amazing on that table and it was great to watch. That Schlein kid is quite the nutjob, I cannot believe Devin layed down the flush to Schlein's all in, he was playing way too scared [and his 200k bet into 1 million, trying to bluff out Deeb was disgusting]All in all, ETA
  24. i took it up in the kootenays last year, no photoshop.
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