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  1. Gallo is at the Final table. 7th or so out of 10. 44k for firstWish him Good Luck
  2. Yes this is where you play Chinese for play money and then transfer your money to luckboxes after the fact
  3. I would also just like to say...Hi rivergirl I miss u terribly.
  4. Steveeeeeeeeeeeeeee........... I miss u. Hi!!
  5. 6 Members: Scriptpro727, rivergirl, fitzinabox, king_tanner, Tehtoe, wsox8Hey baby!
  6. I think his question is/was I think FCP sucks now, am I just out of touch with it or does everyone else agree? Has it survived and the newer people still enjoy it as much as we used to?
  7. Exhibit A: Fluff doesnt even post in Bold anymore.
  8. Nutz, Im out for Golf unfortunately. If me dropping out this late ends up costing you anything please let me know.
  9. That was cheese, my place is in Wisconsin
  10. Could you dress up the pig like a shrimp? Like maybe a goofy shrimp hat or something? And make the "shrimp boil" a little bigger so it sticks out more?
  11. This thread is not exactly going in the direction I had hoped
  12. Its just ouside of Lake Geneva in Walworth.I dont care what program you use to create what I need
  13. My family has thrown a memorial day pig roast at our property in Wisconsin for the last 10 years now. We usually have between 175 and 200 people that come out for the weekend of camping, drinking and eating. This year will be the 11th annual and we have decided that rather then roasting a pig again we are going to try a shrimp boil instead.We've always made tshirts to go along with this. So what I need to have done is to adjust the logo we have used for a pig roast to one that goes with a shrimp boil instead. Here is the logo we have been using.The new one needs to have the date changed to 2
  14. Zero chance Id miss this if it goes down Waaaaaaaaa WaaaaaaaaaaaaGrow up.
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