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    Bob, please move this to the Euro / Picture (next) / Rothschild forum, thanks.
  2. I'm considering signing in with all of my accounts so I can repeatedly like that post.
  3. I come in to this thread to read boring top 10 lists about topics I care nothing for, and Brvy goes and sullies it with a post I enjoyed reading. Please restore some order in here Essay.
  4. Or maybe his favorite 17th century hymns? Or buttplugs. Either way I'll be happy.
  5. Brvy, please please please rank Suited's Christmas Dildos. We need to know.
  6. Please don't mention my name in this terrible thread.
  7. sick bump bro edit: wait, what happened? this thread was bumped, but now that post is gone, and I'm left here looking like an idiot who bumped an 11 year old thread.
  8. RodReynolds

    The Hideout

    This is why I stopped posting
  9. Musings from a Man Who Just Wants to be a Regular Poster You gotta PROOF READ your posts Essay, you're making US LOOK LIKE idiots. Fried? Give me a BREAK, don't be afraid of USING AN N here and there! (updated from a previous post, to hopefully satisfy my target audience, BigD)
  10. I think he means "Top 10 People Essay would like to be" and the people can be living or dead. For such a gentle and helpful response, please take back all those warnings you gave me earlier. love you
  11. I know you won't believe it, but that's one thing I can't do.
  12. I feel like the juxtaposition only adds to the like-worthiness of it. If I could give two likes I would. Well I guess I could do that, I could probably give 10 likes, but it's a lot of work to login with 10 different accounts.
  13. Yeah, know your audience BigD. This audience is cool with the nazis, but what we're not fond of is men dressing up as women in order to trespass.
  14. Good list. And not just because I / JJJ are number 2 (but since you now believe I'm Vegas Knights, shouldn't that push us off the list?). I always thought Shake was the most underrated poster, so I'm glad to see he's at the top. I would have put runthemover near the top as well, I loved that guy. Oh and Wang, he should be there. Edit: Ah yes, BigD brought up Scram, he should be there too. This list is awful.
  15. Essay, how about a top 10 list to settle this squabble?
  16. Your lust for power is clouding your judgement. I think it spells the end of the forum when you're criticizing FCP's original funnyman for a joke not landing.
  17. LOL look at me I'm just a stupid computer, I can only do what I'm programmed to do, I don't even know what love is LOL. That's probably what those computers are saying to themselves a trillion times per second.
  18. I originally liked Napa's post with the graph, but I'm now seriously considering withdrawing it. The graph is very non-standard and it honestly is making me quite upset (time plays no part in the graph despite the title of the graph claiming otherwise, and the horizontal and vertical contain the SAME INFORMATION but in slightly different forms), and now you're piling on with 50 more warnings and the only silver lining here is that my average warnings per offense has dropped from 500 to 275, so that's something, but now I'm this close to withdrawing all the likes I've given you in this thread.
  19. What is on the horizontal? I would have thought it would be "time", like days or something, but it seems like random numbers. Please understand this is a legitimate concern I have and should not in any way be understood as me taking a shot at either of you Napa or Suited, love you brajs (am I doing it right, is that how you idiots talk to each other?)
  20. I'd like in on this action too. Note though that I get bored easily. I imagine that I would be good at something involving sort of sitting off to myself and cracking wise once in a while when the time is right. I also get sick a lot.
  21. I'd be really upset if I got JJJ murdered. I guess I always sort of knew it would end up that way though. At least I got him before he got me.
  22. It's true. I like to call people out for making little errors, or being sacks of shit in general, but you know what? I'm the real shitbag, hiding in the shadows like a coward, pouncing at opportune times, but never putting myself out there. Tilty, you're one of the many heroes in this forum, so don't let me, or any other shitbag, get you down. (I'm under the impression that Tilty is the one most likely to literally murder somebody from the internet, so just doing a bit of damage control here lol k )
  23. There's this show I watch, called Seinfeld, not sure if anyone has heard of it, but one the character's dads on there looks almost identical to the dad from King of Queens too, pretty crazy imo
  24. Are there even 10 white rappers?
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