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  1. I was bored today so I was in the kitchen all day. I had parsely buttered potatoes with rosemary chicken and a nice antipasta salad. for desert the choices were endless. I went on a baking kick so I had tiramisu, bucklava, chocolate cake, chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies.
  2. The poster above me must be joking. Did we all run out of things to say then?
  3. Homecoming and also Give me novacaine Both by Green Day.
  4. that is true, cause if God abandons we know we better kiss ourselves goodbye. LOL
  5. I know I need to get a life,I am just too content to go and do so though. Oh well life is always a new trip so might as well just sit back and enjoy the journey. Besides if I suddenly changed people around here might have a hard time dealing with it.
  6. Guess me calling everybody love has finally come back to me. Guessit is true then what goes around comes around. Oh well you could have called me worse I guess. :roll: whatever the case may be, I am used to it.
  7. If God is leaving then I am going to jump off my cloud and end it all. OOps wait I have wings so that will not work, oh well.
  8. just shatter all those poor little kids dreams. I am so gonna find it hard to keep a straight face come Christmas when all the santas are out. Just thought of something. must write this one down I was in the bar playing pool that night, When santa came in and decided on me he would hit. Did he ever get the shock of his life when I said, " See here I ain't nobodys present, get the picture bud."
  9. Hate the fact that I can not blame a few drinks for the wall attack.
  10. I'm an Irish lass, what do you expect? I grew up with a lot of the Irish stories being told to me as a little girl. Besides just because you can not see something does not mean it does not exist. And to tell you the truth Leprechauns are easier to believe in than santa claus, I mean who is going to go down every chimmney in the world all in one night and stay clean? LOL
  11. Gus and Mousy attacked my uncles Durango the day he got it. That was hillarious watching these two little dogs going after a car whose miror is almost the same size as them. They are either brave or crazy, am not sure yet.
  12. I hate the fact that I am turning black and blue on my face. And I hate the wall that did it to me.
  13. No never actually believed in Santa Claus. But do believe in Leprachauns and Fairies though. Go ahead and laugh all you want at me but at least I was brought up properly. Besides I just have very high standards and men who think they can buy you are very low on my list. But what else would you expect from a poet?
  14. how about one of those little things going after a hawk? we had to run after her she is the most testy little dog I have ever seen. This bird could have carried her off seeing as she was about four or five months at the time and this was a rather big hawk.
  15. my cousin has a herd of doxen. Four are long hair two are red and the other two are black and brown. There is also one shorthair and he also is brown and black. Then we have my uncles two, Gus is red and Mousy is black and brown, both long hair. Like I said a heard of doxen.
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