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  1. take a min. to load..but def. worth the wait. http://videos.streetfire.net/hottestvideos...9455DA39AD4.htm
  2. teneight

    The Hideout

    for on heads up match? please...just replay the way you played...lots of learning to do
  3. teneight

    The Hideout

    smooth called with ace/ weak kicker? haha. seriously, your game isnt that strong..you make a lot of mistakes when playing with 3+ players. if you want..we can play real money to see if you will over bet each pot then? highly doubt it...or call me down for all your stack with a weak hand...when its real money, you wouldnt be making half the plays you made in our game. gg thoughteneight
  4. this is freaking SWEEETTT http://www.youtube.com/p.swf?video_id=kKGx..._id=kKGxaol4qws
  5. teneight

    The Hideout

    hideout members..someone create a private table on FCP and let the games beginteneight
  6. his 1 liners are freaking funny. "we could tell our grandkids about it""the people in OT want me to bang you""clean your room!"
  7. lol... now i can see all the people who stalk me.
  8. it's pretty sweet. it's free as well. I got hooked up from people over at off-topic.comlet me know if you want it. you can see who views your page every single time. they give the all the info. ip address, main picture of their myspace, date/timeteneight
  9. sure. i'll start posting random stuff on this thread. I will get them from off-topic.comcheck this videos out. someone posted in the other forum "should i try to bang my roommate tonight?". he made 4 videos of himself trying to convince his roommate to have sex with him. they are both drunk..but he is drunk/horny. they have hooked up in the past. he will try to get her to do it again. ..great sh!t. they are short 30 second clips, but once they fully load, you can replay them without any lagging here is the pic of the girl. she is the one on the right vid 1: http://www.rhetto.com/random/denied.
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