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  1. Daniel Negreanu is making use of the chips he accumulated during the rebuy. With a board of 8d-6s-3h-6d, the player in seat 3 makes it $4,225 in chips to go. Negreanu asks for the dealer to count the pot, and she counts out $4,100 in chips. Negreanu thinks for a while, and then decides to call. His opponent shows pocket 9's. "I thought that's what you had." Daniel announces. And then flips over the Ad-3d for bottom pair and a flush draw. An ace, a three, or a diamond will win the hand for Daniel. The river is the 3s, and Daniel busts his opponent, and takes a huge pot.hmm, weird play for
  2. LMAOOOOOOOOO that was a good one Sam. Mr. orange, you ****ing fruit
  3. holdem bracelets..none. but they do have 3 WSOP bracelets. that's what matters. hellmuth is a great player, but do you ever see him do well in many events other than holdem??? He is a great holdem player..but at all the other games, compared to howard and duke, i think he is dominated in most
  4. i would've folded pf and weak fold on the turn.
  5. censored off!I;ve taken dozens today alone that make me want to punch you in the face for complaining about that one "PUNCH IN THE FACE!! PUNCH IN THE FACE!!"
  6. "Announcement: The 2005 WSOP is almost here and you know what that means! It's time for another WSOP Fantasy Pool. Only this year it's a total freeroll limited to the first 500 entries. For more details check out the poker forum. "hmmm give the link to his please. I have looked everywhere and it's no where to be found. anyone can make a comment like that and pretend its daniels. SO LINK PLEASEteneight
  7. XXXEDDIE..who cares about the newbies. you don't own this site so stop complaining. you are the annoying one always complaining about this.If it was up to you, you would say no one else is qualified to enter this pool but you. who cares man. Let them join, the more the better. BTW, theres no CAP on the number of entries. sorryteneight
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