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    herokid7, when was the last time you were there?I was there at the begining of the year, and the isle's poker room sucked was about 12 tables.IP poker room was alot better 30+ tables, yes it was in a slot area, but was inclosed by a glass wall, also when i was there they were in the middle of expanding it to twice its size. and making that whole area poker only.And Palace doesn't have a room? I didn't do there this time.. but they had a room there before katrina hit.. don't know why they wouldn't now.I would call each casino before i went and ask them how many tables/rates they have... then go
  2. There are freeroll poker tournaments (free to enter) in southeast PAAround the areas of philly, norristown, allentown,carisle, and more.They are at bars so must be 21+ to play.Run by a company called Riverchasers (http://www.riverchasers.com)The bars hire them to put on the tourneys and the bars supply prizes to the top 3 players (usualy $100 for 1st, 50 for 2nd, 25 for 3rd, may vary)Also, riverchasers gives the top 30% of the players points at each venue.Then every quarter they have a tournament of champions.This year the top 25 in each of the ToC's are entered in a grand champion tournament
  3. only one think could make that girl hotter...And thats THE WOLF SHIRT!See?
  4. I was down there a month ago..3 were open then, and i believe are the only 3 for aleast the next few months.Isle of Capri: Small, about 15 tables i think? didn't play..only glanced at it in passing.New Palace Casino: Didn't go there but here the room was bigger then Isle'sImperal Palace Casino: Played here.. lots of diffrent games going. Had about 30+ tables? and i heard there were expanding another 15 or 20 tables a few days after i left.Best bet is the Imperal Palace.. biggest room there right now.. and its pretty nice there also.Win some of my money back
  5. around philly there is a free to enter tournys..takes place in bars and the bars put up prizes for the top 3.There are run by riverchasers..Checkout http://www.riverchasers.comTop 30% in the games also recieve pointstop 250 in points every 3 months goto a tournament and the top 25 in them goto a grand chamionship at the end of the year and winner of that gets a seat in the WSOP main event of 2007.Its nice face to face practice, without spending any money (except food/drinks if you want)Also easy to meet people that run home games or want to get in on home games
  6. lucky_charmz, Thank you for your post, it was full of insight and charm.I mispelled and copied and pasted.
  7. I did of course.. :)They agreed with the first problem.. that he could only fold/call.But they also said that in problem #2 player a could only fold/callThey were using the rule from roberts that says.."A player who has already checked or called can not subsequently raise an all-in bet that is less than the full size of the last bet or raise."They said that since he had already acted (checked) that he couldn't reraise.I was pointing out that player B's bet had freed him and the correct size raise had been made and he could reraise no matter what C had done.
  8. Hello, A few friends and i are disagreeing about a rule..Posting it here to see whos right :)Please only post if you know about these problems for sure.. ---------------------Problem #1.In tornament play.Blinds 40-80Player A (first to act) makes it 200Player B callsPlayer C goes all in for 230 total(rest folded)Question: Can player A go all in? Or is he allowed to only fold/call?-----------------------Problem #2In tornament play.Blinds 40-80Only 3 playersPlayer A checksPlayer B bets 80Player C goes All-in for 100Question: Can Player A reraise or is he allowed to only fold/call?
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