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  1. So, looking at the info on biggest winners/losers for the day, did Durr and Antonious start their heads up battle?
  2. I think the best part of this whole thread is the fact that Mark always signs his threads Mark, but in the one to Daniel he signs it NoSup....
  3. My girlfriend once told me that he probably was one of those guys that collects his scabs in a jar somewhere.
  4. I believe that if you set the HUD to search for one of the players at the table instead of for your screenname it will give this info, but that also means that you have to be downloading HH for that table too.
  5. My favorite part about this entire thread is that riptyde started it not long after flaming someone, and then being continuously flamed because of it in another thread, way to go!
  6. The tourneys in Denver just depend on where you play. The more you play at one place, the easier it is.
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