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  1. I was thinking about it the other when playing one of these $2k SCOOPs that have a really deep structure and really favour the stronger players. I was telling my friend how my edge over a mediocre regular in these events is so much bigger than a normal $55 freezeout with a relatively fast structure and that Jason Merciers edge over me again is probably pretty decent even though (obviously) I think quite highly of my game.I think that someone of your technical ability you have to have at least a 400% ROI with the absurd structure/runners the WSOP ME gets. But I think as you individually because
  2. Do you back anyone? Do you think there is decent money to be made from backing players? Do you ever buy pieces of players?Estimate your ROI in EPT Monte Carlo €25k/€100kEstimate your ROI in WSOP MEIf you had to eat either watermelon or bacon for the rest of your life and only that which would you choose? Remember that watermelon tastes awfulIf you had to swap 5% with someone for the rest of your life but if they didn't play the tournament you had to give 5% of your buyin + any cashes to Annie Duke who would you swap with?
  3. I would say almost 0%. DN talks about a lot of things in his blog. It's obviously on Phils mind and hes obviously talked to DN about it, so DN thought he should say something. Just like if he thinks the WSOP structure sucks or whatever
  4. You are talking about this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCzLrZZPkAsIts just a TV program where they "hustle" people and then cheat basically. They were made aware of what it was afterwards.You have to think that both Ram and Marc are very aware of the implications within gambling circles of not paying up a lost bet, so it is probably best to keep an open mind now. These guys aren't exactly new kids who aren't familiar with what goes on.
  5. lol, i was HILARIOUSLY drunk that night. I don't really play omaha as well so that kinda made it worse that I was playing every hand. Merry christmas
  6. Very well played on day 1, sounds like you did well on day 2 as well but I am going to have to berate you for the pot against dubai. Next time someone makes a speech play against you, bear in mind that half the frickin world reads your blog. When he said at least I know I have you beat he knew exactly that you were going to call with your weaker hand because of your well documented hand against Antonio. Maybe you switched off for that hand because I think if you thought about it a bit longer then he would have aces. Or you could just call and suck out. grrrWP danny I still think you are gr
  7. Met her in Bahamas, really fun to be around and she is pretty hot! I think she is only 20 though, freddie made a joke about this
  8. ugh what is FYP, I see it posted on nearly every poker forum but it is too embarrassing to ask!
  9. Pleeeeeeeease be back up before the US daily $50+4!!!!
  10. Yup tournaments back for me as well now
  11. Seems to be back here for cash, tournament server still not working though
  12. Not TJ or Amarillo Slim? I'm guessing essentially
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