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  1. HOLY ****!THIS ****ING THING IS STILL NOT IN STORES IN VANCOUVER. THE RELEASE DATE WAS MAY 30, THEN JUNE 1, THEN JUNE 5, NOW JUNE 6.WHAT THE **** IS GOING ON??!?!?I'm done, Daniel. You coulda had my $30 or whatever, now I am grabbing a torrent of it.You want people to buy your product, stick to your promises. You lazy ****.
  2. Okay, so the release date was May 31.I hit my Best Buy and EB and they look at me like I'm weird for wanting a Pamela Anderson video game... had no clue.One guy looks it up, says it will be out on June 1. WTF. I call next day, guy is too busy to look in his boxes in the warehouse.I call today, guys still have no clue, EB now says it's out tomorrow.SERIOUSLY DANIEL - WHAT THE F--K IS GOING ON HERE?????????????
  3. Went to Best Buy and EB today trying to get it. The pimply faced kids looked at me like I was from another planet, hadnt heard of it. They looked it up and apparently its not out til Thursday in Canada.COME ON DANIEL!!! YOU FORGETTING ABOUT YOUR IGLOO LIVING FRIENDS UP IN THE NORTH?!?stupid. stupid. stupid.I might just have to go download it off a torrent site now.
  4. Sorry, the guy doesn't know the difference between ASH FAULT and ASPHALT.Pretty much puts him in the DUMB**** category, I'd say.01.28.70
  5. QUOTE FROM 0303 BLOG:"Mushu was fine as I didn't let the big dog get to him. As for me, I didn't leave the encounter unscathed. My left knee got banged up pretty bad I ripped a whole through my jeans and scraped my knee on the ash fault."Yeah? Well, when I was younger I ripped a HOLE in my jeans when I fell on the ASPHALT.01.28.70
  6. From Daniel's Blog..."In BB with 5s 8s, five way action. Flop 8c4s 2s. I bet 600, button calls. Turn 3. I bet 1200, button CALLS. River 10h, I check, button bets, I show my hand and fold. He shows the nuts, 5-6.I raise LP with Ah 4h, David Pham calls in BB. Flop 10h 7d 5h. David bets 500, I call. Turn 4, David bets 1100, I call. river blank... David had 6-8.I raise with 5d 8h three callers. Flop 9d 7d 4h. I bet small, then call small raise heads up. Turn 5, check-check. River Ks."Hmmm ... I wonder why he's on a bad streak?? Does anyone else smell a donkey around here?01.28.70
  7. thanks. that sums it all up. i totally agree.
  8. Sorry, I didnt know you had to have a glass of KoolAid before you entered this forum. I've been reading it for a long time, but have never been fully indoctrinated into the cult. Take off your blinders guys, there is a world outside with differing opinions. A positive and healthy discourse could broaden your mind... then again .. the KoolAid's probably really yummy. Grape?01.28.70
  9. I have been a lurker on here for over a year, so I'm not really that 'new'... but this is my first thread. You know, "long time lurker, first time poster"..I have gone through the same problem in my head with Lance Armstrong, he has talent I am in awe of and my life stops in July to watch le Tour. Heck, I even took a day trip away from my honeymoon to watch him roll past last year, but in the end, I don't really "like" him.I think he's a pompous, arrogant, mysogynist ass. Read "It's Not About the Bike"... the nicest thing he says about his wife is he calls her his "stud wife".. he calls her
  10. Now that I've got your attention ....I've been thinking a lot lately about DN and whether or not I am a "fan" of his. Watching the GSN show this week really solidified my doubts about him that were originally raised with his boastful tossing of chips in a game at Wynn's 2 or 3 months ago.How much skill does it take to walk into a 50/100 game and raise it up to 10k every hand. In the GSN show his back to back all ins... "I have bottom pair, make it 1 Meeelion" [Dr Evil would be proud] .. may have set up future moves, but didn't show much skill or finesse.I really don't like his table manners
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