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  1. I just recieved mine but Im missing one. It was a while ago now, but Im pretty sure I ordered 2.hmmm
  2. Hey all,I just recieved my DVD but their isn't any numbers to call. I guess its NOVAPOINTE in Cali.But I ordered 2 DVDs and only got one.Anyone know anything or contact info?thanks
  3. So sunday is going to be a pretty big day! I'm Seahawks all the way...But something that me and a few people are doing is having a 3 table tournament in Vancouver. With the game on a big screen.Nothing special just wanted to pass out the idea.Beers, Poker, Football, Food...Cant go wrong in my books!!Also if anyone reads this from Vancouver and is interested they can say so here...Happy sunday!
  4. Can you send me some info on that please! Im in an industry where that is very possible.cheers!
  5. www.milkhiphop.caeven worse... It's a Canadian site Now how bad do we look.
  6. sweet mother mary of god... Thats as bad as www.milkhiphop.com
  7. Oh don't get the Americans started in that.
  8. I'd like to hear from everyone using FCP in Vancouver! Im starting up a once a month 6 Tables/54 people/ dealers/chips, 25 foot projection screen playing poker DVD's, side tables, "the whole nine" tournament. Want to get a list going of people interested. Seeing that it's only 54 seats I'm sure they will be going fast. Happy grindin'
  9. Timmies is good, but beer is great and will always be great!
  10. Does anyone know any bonus codes for first time depositer's?
  11. Is anyone here from Vancouver?? and interested in no-limit tournament play?
  12. First time poster coming through... And newbie to the site Via. CARDPLAYER Magazine spread.Hello,I was checking out a few other posts and came across someone asking why all the challenges and stuff is for Canadians or in Canada??? I hope when I say this I can represent a good number of my fellow Canadians... " But its about damn time."I now throw my beer glass high in the air and toast FCP for seeing what had to be done and flat out doing it! Cheers Mr. Negreanu. I look forward to being a part of this site as much as i can!
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