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  1. I took 9th in this event last year, as did Negreanu... therefore I can conclude that WhatArunAA = Kidpoker
  2. Numbers down this year??? Last year I think they paid around 48.
  3. I try to follow along with this thread but i'm lost...cliffs plz?!
  4. Yes, as long as its legalized I think alot of people with disposable ( or not disposable ) income will come out of the wood work and start depositing. You are well versed in this kind of stuff, What do you think will happen in the short term/long term?
  5. Could be really sexy if they let the right people run the show, if they are going to let Harrahs or some other casino tycoon run it then I really hope that they get advice from Stars or FTP.
  6. Best year ever in terms of getting my shit together in life, mediocre in poker.
  7. wish i was playin the main but I have soooo much to do tomorrow:(.. in a bunch of other stuff though.. glglglg
  8. All stars today.. bunch of stars.. imma be a star by the end of the day
  9. Shipped a 2nd Wcoop seat on Tuesday so I'm free rollin now.. glglglgl all today~! and all month
  10. brutal day so far.. 1 cash.. still in the mulligan, 109 turb, 5r, and 750k but short. gllglg
  11. Get the negative out of your OP then!.. Only people that should complain about running bad are the people that are like top 10 in the world, they know what running awful is. Lets get it today.
  12. For the players that don't necessarily have the roll to be playing these tourneys, but are good solid winning players.. I HIGHLY recommend playing the satellites.. great value in them.
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