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  1. I don't know about saying little, but you are correct that I wasn't being that specific. I suppose I was talking about more in general, and approachs to the game. I've reposted this in the book forum, perhaps it fits better there. Like I find differences between Lee Jones book and Sklansky, so I found that opinion of yours helpful. So I guess I was asking opinions on various playing styles, and the transitions between them.I can post some hand histories in the future that relate to this. Although it WOULD help if FCP/PR would stop eating chunks of them!
  2. Hi there! Ok. Has anyone ever felt their game has been (hopefully) temporarily screwed up by changing strategies/implementing new ideas?? Hard to explain...1) Obviously, I doubt the errors are on Sklansky's part :)2) Something new I'm doing if affecting my game. On a positive side, Sklansky's more aggressive Low Limit style HAS won me bigger pots then before (integrating the concept of "pot equity", hopefully). However, if you build a bigger pot when you have an edge...missing several big hands creates a bigger downswing...I would assume. So perhaps PART of it is that I am not used to
  3. He was banned for telling DigitalMonkey that he hoped his wife miscarried after DM said his wife had to go to the hospital with early labor pains. ..and rightfully banned at that. Some Humans.....I hope everythings ok with his wife/child...We had a similar incident before my son was born... I rushed the wife to the hospital at 3 am one morning because we thought her water broke...It ended up being the waterbed leaking (she keeps an eye on the length of my big toenail after that) That's quite the story, Beans. I'm sure it was quite scary at the time...but it seems kinda funny in hindsight! Y
  4. Hi Quixotic,Where is this article going to be published, and/or how can I get a copy of it from you?? Tax laws confuse and worry me! Seems like there are always conflicting opinions, exceptions, or situations that aren't mentioned...and that's just with self-employment! :wall: Anyway, awesome that you are doing this!Take Care,R.
  5. And you are...?LOLOL!! That made it worth reading through all of this! Old Saturday Night Live reference??The Skeletor picture is pretty good too...
  6. Hey there!Just a pre-coffee guess, but watch out for those charts where the turn means WITH TWO CARDS TO COME. That can be useful sometimes, but I think comes up more for No Limit and all-in situations. If you are just considering the card you are paying to see, the odds on the turn are usually just a tiny, tiny bit worse than the river (cause it's, say 6 outs out of 47, instead of 6 out of 46 cards).Just my humble opinion, and saw a place to make a first post :shifty: Actually, I'd be interested to know if some of you Limit Players here use the w/2 cards to come odds, and in what situation
  7. Out of curiousity, how do you disable the Avatars??I was looking for that!Thanks!
  8. Thanks! I think I may have read this before on here somewhere, but with all of the confusion, I just wanted to make sure!Also, it is true that you do not have to play a certain amount of hands to withdraw your OWN money, if you end up not liking it? ( such as: Do you HAVE to clear the bonus money? ) I am just considering before I pool some funds together, to try the first time deposit bonus. :roll: Also, so it is true that with Neteller there is no evil $200 deposit/withdrawal number, where problems will be encounterd?Sorry for being a pest, just a little uptight with my limited bankroll!Th
  9. Can I have some reassurance on this same question?? I am waiting to make a deposit!Thanks!!
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