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  1. hi.whats going on here?i don't get it.why?pokerroom? wtf?porn.
  2. i may be approaching 100 bong hit for the day.i can't see out of my right eye.wicked heartburn too.rock out...btw, NIN...11/19/05 Oakland Arena Section 113 Row 14 Seats 1&2hell yes i'm excited.bye.P.S. this is what part of the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated.
  3. hi.checking in.this is a must see for the people who liked radiohead and who feel terrible about what happened in the hurricane and how our government responded.http://www.ateaseweb.com/likespinningplates.wmv
  4. she looks like the real thingshe tastes like the real thingmy fake plastic lovebut i can't help the feelingi can blow through the ceilingif i just turn...and runbut it wears me outit wears me out
  5. i felt that people were talking about radiohead so i had to make a daytime appearance.listen to chuck, he is wise and all-knowing.
  6. didn't make it off the couch to go to bay 101 did ya?me eitherno.but i won a pot-limit omaha rebuy tourney on UB.
  7. watching barry greenstein commentate on live at the bike.he can sure ramble on a bunch but unbelievably insightful.how is everyone?8 hits so far.
  8. pogue, i think we're taking a trip to the city next weekend. maybe play over at bay 101. rock!This just in: Rob's post has been voted non-sequiter of the year.Hey Fake, how's it going? Long time no chat.going pretty good. not much new just been working a lot. and playing a lot of poker. and sleeping. side note: i isabelle mercier.
  9. Mcpickie mentioned that the other day, but he gave you even worse odds than I did for showing up, lol.I'm totally down to go with you guys, I'm right off the freeway, swing by and pick me up. I'll bring trees. mcpickie can be a huge a-hole sometimes.but, it is true ive been playing mostly tournaments and doing well. and if i qualify for next weeks $200 i'll probably skip the trip.all depends.
  10. pogue, i think we're taking a trip to the city next weekend. maybe play over at bay 101. rock!
  11. hopefully i'm living in vegas by february.but...yeah.how are you?Cool! Totally cool. We've missed you around here. Wish real life didn't interfere with play time. ;-)I'm good. You seeing flops tonight?if i'm not working, 95% chance i'm seeing flops.so....yes.
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