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  1. So I haven't played online poker in over a year and a half... I just decided I was going to get back into it...low stakes 1/2 limitwere have all the players moved to ( i noticed on cardplayer room review that partypoker doesn't support US players, this correct?)if the party poker stuff is true were did all the US players move to? what have i missed in online poker?what sites are the best as far as software and weak players currently? any additional information that you think would be necessary would be much appreciated as well thanks for your time!Sullyalso what software add on do you use t
  2. also how has the rake on absolute changed? and how does it affect rake back ...haven't been playing poker in a while but when i do start back if i do ill be on absolute...so i would like to know
  3. im pretty sure if u just create a new account on a different computer that has never had the game installed you will be fine...
  4. im not sure how this guy was a jerk? he played his hand badly then ingored your crazed talk... and if ur so "maddddd" and ur not tilted what is tilted then? i think the best thing to do is just no say anything and not give advice that's what i do...just say well ****... and move on... you put beats on people too....but you do it aggressively so ya it still the same really
  5. Heads up championship on CNBC sheikhan vs negreanu
  6. how can this tuff guy continue playing without first having a heart attack and 2nd losing all his damn money
  7. im sure everyone has seen this but it happened to me for the first time about 2 months ago in shreveport, LAsitting at a 2/4 limit game and board comes AKx guy bets get 2 calls turn comes a K and guy move all in... i started laughing needless to say after they told him this wasn't no limit everyone folded... he look so confused..
  8. if this is true...it just seems so ridiculous...i wonder how espn will spin it or completely ignore it for there good or what not... i guess them telling the truth may make for good TV too...jamie gold bluff'd but hopefull espn will raise in position
  9. lost connection but it didn't say disc just tables stayed
  10. wtf this guy is a ******... lol he made the tournament end 1 day early cause he made everyone play so crazy wtf this guy must be the most arrogant prick ever...gh jamie
  11. so what it is your trying to accompolish? i think everyone's grrammer is absolutelie perfect...but that jsut me my 2's cent
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