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  1. Patty, thanks for the updates. Been checking them off and on while at work.
  2. That made me chuckle.. Oh man, I am still laughing. I hope the "tone" you typed it in was the same I read it is, cuz it is damn funny.
  3. it's not obvious whether someone will raise you after you bet.If you are raised by the next palyer to act...someone might argue, a c/r would've gotten you more money. So just cut it off after your river bet.. or don't show any river action and ask "What's my play?"yeah, it was obvious you won; but not obvious what other palyers did.plus, I"m anal.got it for future use
  4. Yeah, I saw that rule after I posted it. Even though I have been on these a long long time, I ever posted a hand, again, sorry.But, if my question was about the river, in this particular instance isn't the result fairly obvious? Or should I have cut something out?
  5. I'll use a converter next time, sorry, first time posting a hand on here.my idea with the other streets was getting as much money in the pot as I could with as many people. I thought that was the best way to get the best value for my hand.
  6. hey, thanks for the opinions after the razzing.
  7. other than that. sheesh. you don't ever try a thing or two on a weak table and see what develops?i've tried a thing or two, but not open-limping with 43s.I admit that was a loose thing to do, no arguement from me there. But IF you were in that position where some how you did, let's say you misclicked, was the rest of the hand played well from there on out?Reason I am asking is because it was a rare time I had a straight flush draw and many opponents and tried to do it best I could.
  8. yesand what could you do differently on the river? you have to bet the nuts.In a conversation with a buddy of mine, he thought checking the river would be better, since someone would raise. My thought was if someone had the A high flush I was going to get reraised, and since 2 people were hanging on, that seemed a distinct posiblity.
  9. other than that. sheesh. you don't ever try a thing or two on a weak table and see what develops?
  10. I am Newbdawg.Texas Hold'em $1-$2 (real money), #1,655,597,952 Seat 1: IMWinner ($88.70 in chips) Seat 2: luksam ($61.20 in chips) Seat 3: dubld ($22.85 in chips) Seat 4: alexisp ($19.75 in chips) Seat 5: FruityP ($33.90 in chips) Seat 7: GogoYubari84 ($52.65 in chips) Seat 8: the towman ($53.85 in chips) Seat 9: ddutty ($44.50 in chips) Seat 10: Newbdawg0 ($152.90 in chips) ANTES/BLINDSGogoYubari84 posts blind ($0.50), the towman posts blind ($1).PRE-FLOPddutty folds, Newbdawg0 calls $1, IMWinner folds, luksam calls $1, dubld calls $1, alexisp calls $1, FruityP folds, GogoYubari
  11. Saw some people wondering where Togo is, not sure if anyone answered that. It is a small little country in Africa on the western side of the continent. I know a dude from there, he is huge, 6'5" and stacked. Has about 20 half brothers and sisters over there. Seems his dad is a busy guy. :PI actually was talking to a guy from Kenya about Africa and Togo, he said most of west africans were that big, and that is why Kenyans were fast, so they could run away from them.
  12. Sadly, I am one of those that now also enjoys Zoolander after HATING it the first time. I REALLY hated it and thought everyone who liked it had to be idiots. Then somehow I saw parts of it a second time... and... sadly... I have become one of "THEM". :(I said it could never happen to me. Don't think it could never happen to you. Prepare. Don't ever watch it again if you wish to avoid my fate.
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