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  1. I think you've explained yourself a lot better here.I agree with you that age and experience doesnt mean a lot if a player keeps making the same mistakes over and over and has years and years of bad habits.I still don't like calling a raise with 10 9 off...the fact that you explained the play more makes it more digestable to me but still in a $200 buy in I don't like it. If you are at Ceasers or somewhere where the buy in is $400 or unlimited then yeah it makes more sense in a deeper stack game.I guess the thing that kind of gets me is people that are calling every player they sit with a donk
  2. Wow dude...a little defensive...but I can understand. You assume a lot about me which is very strange. Just so you know I was playing live games in Vegas and CA while you were still in middle school trying to feel up your first girlfriend. Besides I didnt come posting about a hand I played poorly...when I do feel free to comment. Lets break down your hand. You call a preflop raise...well that's a strange call but I can live with it. The thing that really bugs me is the fact that on the flop you just call again. A lot of good players with a second pair there might raise right there...you
  3. I guess the title of the post suckered me into reading this. I really don't get it...you call all these people donks then call a raise preflop with 10 9 off...then proceed to play the hand bad...not to mention if you would have kept your mouth shut you probably would have won the hand instead you told the guy what you were thinking and he used it against you to pull off a bold bluff.
  4. I skipped all the replys because I don't care what others think. Here you just call. Player two should fold to one bet because he bricked on 4th so you would be drawing to a low with no other lows to fight with and hopefully two highs. If you catch a low you can try to jam as long as you can keep both players in.Some reasons why you would raise are if player two is a donk you might want to raise since he is the only one that looks to be going low and if you think both highs will stay in. Your hand is pretty much a one way hand at this point and its' still a draw so thats why I think callin
  5. If it was 76s or 89s you are better off calling a preflop raise than with a hand like QJ or KJ. The problem with QJ or KJ is that you could hit a flop and be out kicked or have someone with an overpair still. This is pretty basic strategy and it doesnt matter how good you are...calling preflop huge bets here is a losing play. The only reasonable explaination would be that DN had seen the player raise 8 out of 10 hands from that position and wanted to take a stand...but since he folded on the flop I don't think he was going to make a move here...but since it's TV we don't know.The thing is t
  6. Surprised no one is talking about how bad DN was playing in that last show. Calling big preflop raises with marginal hands. I think he called a huge preflop raise from Barry for like 30k with something like KJ. Then he just check folded...seemed like a pretty tiltly/fishy play to me.Maybe there has been some discussion but I havent seen any yet.In the early shows he had some bad beats but then in the later shows we watch him call off lots of chips with poor hands. Is it just pure tilt?Seems like from his blog a while back he made it sound like he played great the entire time but just got u
  7. I skipped all the replys..i'm guessing most were flamers. Anyway...IMO..I kind of understand DN and he is using this forum to entertain...but like TV he's putting in commercials from time to time. As a business person I understand this.Although...I can't stand when he talks about having a meeting, etc and it's about something he cant tell us about right now. Why even say that...just say I had a meeting and that's it..if you can't tell us what it was about don't say that...you just don't write about the details. Some of the time it's just out of the blue and has no purpose...to me it's like
  8. The only time I've contacted customer service...I first tried the live thing but then it said they were busy or something so it told me to email them. I didnt hear back for almost a week, lol.The problem you had...didnt really seem like much of a problem though.
  9. I don't really see how playing a couple almost 2 hour sessions could be a hit and run. To me a hit and run is when some jackass comes and sits...plays a few hands where he wins then takes off. That's a hit and run.Hey Daniel...I want to see you play some 7stud hi lo!
  10. Bodog has a $1000.00 freeroll a couple of times a week where they only allow 1000 people max into it. That's the best one that I know of that takes place every week and with the best odds of winning money in it.Yeah but you have to use points to get into it so it's not exactly a free freeroll....but yeah it's better than a let anyone in type.
  11. I'm in...and I'm going to be playing just like if it was a rebuy.I think its funny a few are surprised that you have to deposit in order to get to play in this freeroll. The only freerolls that people can normally get into when they don't have money deposited at a site would be the type where there are 1000 people fighting it out for a prize pool that is from $50 to maybe $250.Freerolls are not really free...you normally have to earn them in some way.
  12. Thanks iggy. I'm really amazed at how petty and rude people can be who post on this site...I try my best to stay above the little insults and put downs. I mean if someone thinks it's a bad idea, feel free to come up with your own ideas or solutions. I mean honestly, how useful is it for people to know that CodyHartman thinks watching 7hl is boring. It seems there are about a million people running around this site these days that are more interested in putting down others that discussing useful poker topics.
  13. AKA help you make money by sitting withthe fishes while DN is playing "baby stakes" for fun.Now I get it.LOL...I'm not really worried about cashing in during this session...this game is almost always filled with fish anyway so if bad players also showed up it wouldnt be much different than the regular game I play where there are a couple good players and a couple of bad players.
  14. Pretty much all poker is boring as hell to watch unless it's on TV and you can see the hole cards. Besides I don't want to watch for entertainment like you would the Dreamclown match...I looking to learn.
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