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  1. other than not raising pf, villain plays it pretty perfect, imho.
  2. o rly? 1.58 AF with 64VPIP means hes betting like that with a much wider range than just flush. you dont think he plays 99 like that? AcQx? even AxXx? honest question, you obviously have more knowledge than me. i dont think my thinking is results based either. do you fold turn? call/call? i really have a lot of trouble laying this hand down to a maniac.
  3. sb is 62/42/1.83 55 hands, bb is 52/8/0.4, and yes, i have really good table selection. mostly im wondering if anyone finds a raise on the river? raise-fold? raise-call? Party Poker 3/6 Hold'em (6 max, 6 handed) FTR converter on zerodivide.cxPreflop: Hero is UTG with [Kd], [Js]. Hero raises, SB calls, BB calls.Flop: (8 SB) [9c], [Tc], [Qc] (4 players)SB bets, SB calls, BB calls.Turn: (10 BB) [6d] (3 players)SB bets, SB calls, BB folds.River: (15 BB) [3h] (2 players)SB bets, Hero calls.Final Pot: 17 BB
  4. there is a poker on tv forum.
  5. 27 posts by you. a million posts by others on exact same topic. NEXT.
  6. fine. i came second in a 20+2 last night on stars for a cool $1500 payday. too bad none of you will be able to utilize my infinite luckbox skills, since im lazy and didnt sign up for this crazy tournament. /end self-promotion.
  7. Wait a minute, what are you doing something Canadian for on an American holiday? I'm so confused. :?Free tickets from a radio contest. $80 club seats, I'm all in! Free babysitter for our kids cause the inlaws are in town. I dont see any way to get away from this hand.nh.
  8. the shameless self promotion and personal attacks (mostly by ron on hoosier) in this thread make me so happy im not a part of this tournament. "im a winning sng player, blah blah blah" ooh how original you are definitely a 1st round pick now!
  9. more importantly, why do you care? the real problem here is that this post has no value. ooh, an aggressive blind steal ran into a monster. great. come back when you have something relevant to discuss.
  10. converter. im not even going to read this HH.
  11. When i told the folks back home i was playing in the FCP FC tourney, they said "where the fox hat"fox has replaced the more offensive word in my lexicon. its great, people have no idea what the fox you are talking about. foxer.
  12. wow, thats a terrible river card. i muck.
  13. depends on UTG+1. if hes reasonable you probably have to fold, but i think a lot of 3-6 players make it 3 here with AK.Well, utg+1 was pretty loose and capable of playing pretty much anything. When the 4 comes on the turn and he fires out, I really have no idea where I'm at, but am stuck in a situation where I'm probably going to still show this hand down.After it's 2 bets cold to me though, I'm pretty sure 1 of them has me beat if not both. AK was probably the only hand that I was beating at this point and was a slight possibility, but I really didn't think so.consider me jaded by 6 max the
  14. depends on UTG+1. if hes reasonable you probably have to fold, but i think a lot of 3-6 players make it 3 here with AK.
  15. bet-fold turn... you basically give him the pot after putting in 2 small bets on the flop. why do you do this?
  16. i am playing exclusively 6 max with a style that pushes the extremes of controlled aggression. I am 27-17-3. your style is going to get you killed once you reach a limit where people start 3 betting you.
  17. um, if these stats are >4 handed, you need to realize that as soon as you stop running super hot, you are going to hemmorage. 38-20 is maniacal, although your postflop numbers are more reasonable. unless you know something i dont about 2-4...
  18. justblaze wants to know what the hell is going on.
  19. but you could be logged on through the website.
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