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  1. 3) support is looking into it. theyll get back to you. a million people posting "i dont have sound is of no benefit to anyone".
  2. has anyone ever won anything from these draws? i have like a brazillian points but im not gonna waste my time entering the draw until i get confirmation that a real person has won this thing.
  3. What? really? his mom's name isnt Fuz Zee? shocking, truly shocking.
  4. im on emotional tilt from showing up today for my exam tommorow (and cramming all nite of course).
  5. do you really think amazon.com encounters the same level of fraud and attempted fraud as an online poker room?
  6. i wouldnt enter any 'humor identification' tournaments if i were you.
  7. The internet, is not the most honest place and I don’t feel comfortable sending hard copies of my personal information of to some unknown person who Daniel, personally may not have hired. maybe they dont feel comfortable sending $300 to some unknown person who may or may not be the owner of that credit card. you people astound me.
  8. i agree. i was simply trying to defraud the site, and they had the nerve to ask for information related to my financial transaction!
  9. fold, and fold. next question. still dont understand? heres why. think about the range of hands villain moves in with here. If hes extremely stupid, he might move in with AK-AJ, AA-99, and the minute amount of time this is a stone cold bluff is so small its useless to consider (i would say less than 2%). this range is ludicrously wide for this scenario, and most likely his range is exactly two hands, but we will ignore that. with JJ, your equity against this range is 52%, with QQ its 60%. This means that against the best-case scenario hand range, you are basically flipping coins. if we remove
  10. so, essentially, you dont like that theres no rakeback. meanwhile, 30 seconds of research would reveal that the affiliate program is currently being set up.
  11. but my suggestion is really, really good! also, i have a question for daneel negraino. will u stake me? im super-good but gots no moneez, cuz i loosed it all on a bad beat.
  12. do you understand what a bonus is? its extra. beyond what you should receive. i honestly cannot comprehend how you idiots can sit here and COMPLAIN ABOUT FREE MONEY. dont like how the free money is awarded? deal with it. its fucking free.
  13. most casinos will not spread shorthanded games per se (as in they will never limit the table to 6 seats). also, most low limit live players (in my experience up to 10-20) dont like playing short since they have no idea how to. many mid to high limit games are shorthanded by nature, though. (mid-limit poker starts at 30-60).
  14. not everyone plays poker purely for money. some people play for excitement, others for the social aspect, others enjoy the mental challenge. none of these reasons is the 'right' reason. as long as you know why you are playing, you are fine. the nature of short games means that they can be much more stressful. running bad in a short game is much much worse than running bad in a full game. someone who enjoys the social aspect of poker probably wouldnt enjoy a short game.
  15. if this was NL, this swing means you had a bad hour. if this was limit, you are likely -EV in that game.
  16. shorthanded games benefit the skilled player. this seems counter-intuitive since the variance of a short game is much higher, therefore allowing poor players to have much larger short term gains than would seem befitting of their play, but the reality is that short games allow for more hands to be played correctly, giving a skilled player more opportunities to outplay his opponent, and therefore a higher sustainable winrate. personally, i played full ring for a long time, and abhorred short games. I have been playing 6 handed or less exclusively for 3 months now, and let me tell you from perso
  17. 15k and counting... but i did get 30 free.
  18. can anyone report on the 3-6, 5-10 and 10-20 LHE games please?
  19. i have an exam at 7. which means ill be smoking at about 10:01.
  20. ok, i hate to break it to you all, but getting down to 44 is NOT reason to make a post. dont even post when u get down to 18. FINAL TABLES are post-worthy. and not really in SNGs, regardless of size.
  21. no, custom stole my posts.
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