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  1. I never realized people could make sarcastic replies to topics about which they obviously know nothing about. Why do you think there are no pro blackjack players, or roulette players, or craps players, but there is a long list of pro poker players? are these people just the luckiest people alive? And if they were relying on luck, dont you think they would play a game where the payoff was bigger for being lucky? Think before you speak.PS geez theres a lot of T.O. players on here. PM me if you have regular weekday games! i need action! the people on the bus to rama smell.
  2. that was my exact thought, if you didnt guard the password like your sisters virginity, you might have more people playing. If im sitting around on tuesday nite, i might log on and see how many are registered. but im definitely too lazy to start emailing people for passwords and stuff.
  3. you are confusing loose with aggressive. While the two terms are not mutually exclusive, they describe different aspects of your game. And if you're not aggressive, you're as good as dead. But if you're loose in a cash game, people will figure that out pretty quick, and hammer you for it. TIGHT AGGRESSIVE. only way to play.
  4. no can do my friend, gotta eat my solution so far has been twofold: firstly, i dropped down limits. I was playing 10-20 almost every day, 20-40 when the game was juicy. Now i am playing 5-10, following the occasional fish who has busted at 5-10 and decided to get it back at 10-20, up a limit, providing im having a winning session. The other thing ive been doing is playing extremely risk adverse poker. I play almost no hands from early position, ill never play from mid position unless i bet (if no bettors so far) or raise (if theres a raiser). I avoid being in pots with more than 3 other peopl
  5. SSSSSHHHHH. what you meant to say was "what site do you play on? when will you be online? whats your screen name?"
  6. if i send you $1 will you buy a lottery ticket for me?
  7. im way over 5000 since my losing streak started in sept. and this is live play, so thats a lot of hours. Im writing down the exact situations every time i lose a pot at showdown, and in 90% of the cases im ahead till the river. Any suggestions smash? And dont tell me i stink and im deluding myself, cuz i already thought of that hence the writing down thing. Its not that.
  8. again with the logic smash? Jaffa, you gotta get a tinfoil hat. Partypoker can read your brain waves otherwise. I can sell you one if you want, but it might get crumpled in the mail.
  9. im on a 6 month rut, bro, these things happen. All you can do is see why you are losing. For me, its because flush draws are hitting against my sets way more than 1:2, ppl are pairing their Ax kickers against my AK on the river, and im filling 1:2 draws at about 1:6. as long as im making mathematically correct plays, i have confidence ill eventually hit an upswing and it will all work out. In the meantime, ive dropped down a level, and im trying to avoid small edges, waiting instead for large ones. In other words, if you think its just luck, work through it and drop down in stakes a little, bu
  10. Nice post smash. 1 comment though. would you, at this point, attribute your lack of a losing session to skill or luck? Not implying anything, just wanna know if you actually think the luck factor can be overcome 200 hands at a time.
  11. screw you you jerk! i posted an honest question and you have the nerve to respond with this kind of derogatory crap? oh wait, im not the OP. Quit using your silly logic, smash, the pros in AC know that online poker is rigged and slandering their persons will get you nowhere.
  12. Then why did you say " i want to hear your rebuttle" at the beginning of the thread? Just admit you cant show me any numbers proving the WSOP got higher ratings than the superbowl and we'll be done with it. And Jayistheman, im in canada so i didnt see all the fancy espn commercials KKsuited: i guess you are right, that argument is useless until the 2005 WSOP ratings come out... but even though poker players dont seem to like Tilt you must admit they all seem to know just about every line, if only so they can make fun of it.
  13. you would think so, but most people who can come up with 10k to blow on a tourney will come up with 25k. The majority of these people dont care about the money, they are looking for prestige or want to be able to say "one time me and jonny chan were playing at the world series...". as for the satellite winners, they will still buy in for 11$ and just have to beat a few more people or play one more sat. It wont discourage anyone. They are going to sell out this year, and i suspect for many years to come regardless of the buyin.
  14. LOL so dont read them. Where are these mystery "we hate Just Blaze" posts? Post info about the WSOP in the relevant thread, instead of cluttering up the forum with new ones. You rattle things off the top of your head, i respond in a logical manner, and you either accuse me of being 'ingnorant', 'slandering your person', a 'post-teen who sits around all day and just blazes' and a 'smart a$$' or start new and useless threads to call me out for responding to your posts.
  15. clicked through, couldnt see anything labeled 'public data'. please post the exact link to the information, i could have found the neilsen site myself. And please explain how the 2004 WSOP was presented by Harrah' s when it was held at Binion's.
  16. raising the buyin wont do anything. It will just mean an extra level of satellites for those qualifying online, 1 less side game for the semi pros, an extra number to hit on the ATM for the super rich flounders, and more money in the pockets of pros when they win.
  17. This would be a little more believable if you posted a link as to where you got these numbers. Especially considering the 2004 WSOP was held at Binion's, not Harrah's...
  18. Are you saying memories of bad beats aren't statistically accurate? I find this hard to believe.Thats exactly what hes saying. And believe it. Its a little theory called selective memory. Can you tell me the exact details of the last nine times your aces held up? i bet not. But i bet you can tell me with painstaking clarity the last time your aces got cracked by some jerk pushing 74o.
  19. sucks for you. i know numerous people who have ordered it in the last week and received it already from barnes and noble. Try them.
  20. You don't bluff much playing poker, do ya? wanna sit down with me and find out?
  21. They are not in the business of promoting poker. They are in the business of getting ratings. If watching people scratch themselves interested viewers, they would air it, probably to the loud objections to the scratchers club of USA or whatever. They dont care about poker. People watch tilt. Poker players who dont like tilt watch it so they can whine about it in forums. They get ratings. This is good business. Playmakers was cut because the NFL, which generates huge ratings and therefore has huge sway with the network, objected. Unfortunately, poker players have no such organisation to voice t
  22. Um, i am at work. In a law firm. and you are just as much of a 'post teen' as i am. In fact, wouldnt 'post teen' be another way of saying 'adult'? More to the point, it is obvious you cannot think of a logical response to my comments, and choose instead to attempt to insult me based on the name i have chosen to post under in this forum. FYI, just blaze could refer to a whole bevy of other things besides marijuana. Just Blaze is the name of a rap music producer. perhaps i am a fan? Think before you speak, young grasshopper.
  23. LOL now i cant tell whos being dumber, the OP or this guy.
  24. I really should have PMed you about this, but this info might be valuable to others so here goes: There is no standard for staking agreements. Some are done by legal contract, some are just done verbally. Usually in the verbally done ones, the staker would have very persuasive methods of ensuring payment, if you catch my drift. As far as staking him in tournaments, your cut should be whatever you can get him to agree on. If you are fronting the whole buyin, any less than 50% would be ridiculous, but even this number would be very low unless you were exceptionally confident in his abilities. If
  25. LOL first of all i was not 'slandering your person' (at least i dont think... im not quite sure what that means). I feel that doing things such as 1) inviting me to come to AC to play you if ive got the balls and 2) msging the moderators because you felt upset that i called your suggestions stupid are very similar to the way a 14 year old would have handled it. 14 year olds are juvenile. Hence, your comments were juvenile. I apologize if i'm wrong, but i dont think i am. But, once again, as in the post where you attacked me for using foul language and then used it yourself, you are doing the v
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